My Boss Is Scary Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Chapter 142

Huang Nian had been suffering from fever for a few days and with that she had also been feeling tired almost all the time. She was always lying down in her bed. She had missed a period and she was almost certain that she was pregnant. Huang Nian vomited whatever she ate and she thought it was morning sickness due to her being pregnant. She used pregnancy testing kits almost daily, waiting for her pregnancy to show up so that she can confirm that. Huang Nian started taking healthy foods and she wore only flat shoes. She avoided going out to crowded places and made sure nothing wrong will happen. She had to be pregnant if she wanted to marry Wang Yu and so she was very attentive to everything happening around her.

Wu Qing left the island next day with Wu Li Shu. They did not want to disturb Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun and left them alone. Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun were almost together the entire time. Li Zi Yun no longer felt sick but she was not feeling great either. After Wu Qing and Wu Li Shu left, Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun went for a couple massage, on dates and both of them were occupied with something or the other the entire time.

At night after Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun returned, they went straight to bed. Li Zi Yun hadn't felt so happy in such a long time. She was not feeling sleepy, so she was lying on Wang Yu and thinking about what to do tomorrow.

Suddenly she asked Wang Yu, "Can we return home tomorrow?" for visiting.

Wang Yu was lying on the bed with his eyes closed and he was stroking Li Zi Yun's hair. When he heard Li Zi Yun speak, his eyes darted open.

"What did you say?"

"Isn't it time to go back?"

"We have been here for only four days."

"Even though you're here I know that you still have to work. Do you think I don't know that you're staying up late every night?"

"Baby I'm fine. Once we return we cannot go out often like this. I know you will miss it"

"Staying by your side is enough for me And (Li Zi Yun raised her head with her chin resting on Wang Yu's chest) you are stuck with me at work. So let's go back."

"Okay. Sleep now"

Wang Yu wanted to stay back until Li Zi Yun wanted to stay there. Now since she wanted to leave, he did not refuse her request. He informed to get his private jet ready for takeoff. When Li Zi Yun was sleeping, he carried her to the car and the jet and to his surprise she did not wake up. Wang Yu was happy that she trusted him so much to have a deep sleep.

When Li Zi Yun woke up, it was still dark outside and saw that Wang Yu was sleeping next to her. She remembered that Wang Yu had agreed to leave the island but she was not sure, when they would leave. Wang Yu was holding her against him and Li Zi Yun closed her eyes again waiting for sun to rise. She waited for some time but no matter how long she closed her eyes the sun had not come out yet.


Li Zi Yun opened her eyes and looked around. She was no longer in the beach mansion. This was Wang Yu's room in his penthouse. Was she dreaming? She slowly got down from the bed without disturbing Wang Yu. They had returned before an hour and since Wang Yu hadn't slept even for a second last night he fell asleep as soon as they returned home. Li Zi Yun looked at the time and saw that it was still night 9 pm. She had slept twelve hours straight so she could no longer sleep.

When she came out of the room, she heard the doorbell ring. In order not to wake up Wang Yu, she quickly checked who was at the door. It was Assistant Liu Guang. She really had to praise Liu Guang. She did not even know if he slept at least a few hours daily.

When Liu Guang saw Li Zi Yun open the door, he was not sure how to address her. He was more or less sure that Li Zi Yun will be the future wife of Wang Yu so he did not know if calling her as Secretary Li Zi Yun will be right. So he stood there hesitating for a moment.

"Oh Has the Boss slept?"

"Do you have something to discuss with him?"

"No I Can you please give it to Boss when he wakes up" he gave a file to Li Zi Yun and continued, "Tell him I have sent the files he had asked me"

Li Zi Yun was not sure about what he was talking but she nodded her head.

"When did we return? I mean when did CEO Wang Yu return?"

"Before an hour he reached the house"

Li Zi Yun was certain that Wang Yu wouldn't have slept before that. If he had slept, he wouldn't be sleeping now. Her stomach had started aching and she set a reminder in her phone that she had to visit the hospital tomorrow. Li Zi Yun cooked a simple dinner for her without making much noise. She did not want to wake up Wang Yu. She had only told that she wanted to come back and Wang Yu had brought her back before she woke up.

Li Zi Yun thought of returning to bed because she had nothing else to do. She also felt so lazy after Wang Yu was pampering her so much without letting her do anything. She lay down on the bed until 6 am and then she got up and prepared breakfast for Wang Yu and her before going to take bath. It was time for her to come back to the real world. When she came out of the bathroom, Wang Yu too was out of the bathroom and he stood with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You're no longer blushing"

"Is this the first time I'm seeing you like this?" most of the nights, Wang Yu slept shirtless so Li Zi Yun was used to seeing him like this.

"Then should I remove the towel?"

Li Zi Yun's cheeks were flushed red now.

"Get ready. I have made breakfast for you." Saying that she ran into the dressing room. Wang Yu was getting so unpredictable nowadays that Li Zi Yun was sure that he would do something if she stayed there.

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