My Boss Is Scary Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Chapter 145

The young girl suggested going to a hospital that she usually visited. She did not want to be caught cheating that she was pregnant. When the doctors said that the girl was in good health as well as the baby, Li Su Chen was relieved. Li Shu Chen thought it was time to take her home, his home. So they returned home, to the Li family home. He was completely charmed by the young girl that she did not want to part with her even for a second.

Fu Ming Zhu had rushed home after the fight; she did not know what to do. If the marriage certificate was fake like Li Shu Chen said then she could do nothing. She couldn't have claim over a single property if she wasn't married to Li Shu Chen. She had trusted Li Shu Chen so much all these years that she never thought of the possibility that he would cheat on her and there would be another woman in his life. Fu Ming Zhu knew she was losing the battle and she was ready to do anything to gain upper head in this. Now Li Xin Yi was the only one to whom she could talk.

"Your father cheated on me"

"What nonsense are you talking?" Li Xin Yi had woken up just now and she did not hear what her mother was saying.

"He is with a young girl. Younger than you. And she's pregnant"

"No Father would never do that to us. You must be wrong"

"I wish I was wrong. He He did not marry me either. We are losing everything"

It was more as if Fu Ming Zhu was trying to convince herself about what happened.

Fu Ming Zhu needed her son Li Cheng Zhi right now. He was the one who could convince Li Shu Chen. She tried calling him but couldn't reach him. Fu Ming Zhu was losing her mind here. Everything she had worked for all these years were falling apart. She had tried so hard to become a lady of the house but in fact Li Shu Chen had never married her and she oblivious to the truth for so many years. She wanted to be strong but this was a huge block for her and her mind had gone blank. She knew she had to do something to turn around the situation but she did not know what to do. Li Shu Chen slapping her and their conversation was the only thing in her mind right now.

Li Xin Yi was screaming next to her trying to bring her back to her senses. Li Xin Yi had woken up just now and she couldn't understand what her mother was talking. Her mother Fu Ming Zhu was sort of dazed and she didn't know why her mother was saying all this.

"What are you talking about? Have you gone insane? Why are you sprouting nonsense in the morning?"

"I am not the one who is insane. It is your father. He cheated me. He has ruined our lives. Everything is over. We are done"

"Mom Are you sure?"

Fu Ming Zhu's tears was enough for Li Xin Yi to know this must be true.

"What are we going to do now?" for visiting.

Li Xin Yi did not want to go back to their past live. She could no longer imagine such a life. Li Xin Yi knew what it was like to live with minimum amount and she did not want to go back to that. She heard some sound outside. Fu Ming Zhu immediately ran outside to see what was happening. The servants were all standing there and whispering. When she went past them, she saw Li Shu Chen had come home with the young girl.

"What the fuck is that vixen doing in this house? Throw her out right now"

Li Shu Chen replied coolly, "The one who should be thrown is not her but you"

"Send her out now. I will forgive everything and we can live happily"

Li Shu Chen was laughing loudly, "Who is going to forgive whom? This is my house and I am throwing you out"


"You heard me"

Li Shu Chen then turned towards the young girl, "Honey let's sit. I don't want you standing. You must be tired already"

Fu Ming Zhu started begging him, "Hubby. Let us talk in private. Please"

"So you can ask the maids to drive her out? That is not happening"

Li Shu Chen walked hand in hand with the young girl and sat on the couch with her. Fu Ming Zhu was standing opposite to them watching everything. She had completely forgotten that Li Shu Chen was a selfish man who thought only about how to satisfy his own interests. He was cruel when he did not bat an eye and brought her to the house as soon the funeral of his parents and his wife ended and also when she was mistreating Li Zi Yun. She knew he was like this, but over the years since he hadn't done anything to wrong her, she had totally forgotten this side of him.

Li Shu Chen then spoke in a loud voice for everyone present in the room to hear him.

"From now on Fu Ming Zhu is no longer the mistress of this house. She has no money to pay you either everything is mine. So if you get any stupid ideas that you can hurt this girl, then don't blame me if I go extreme with you"

"Hubby. Tell me you're not serious. We can sort this out"

Hearing Li Shu Chen speak aloud, Li Xin Yi came out of her room. She was still in a wheel chair and her personal maid accompanied her out. Li Xin Yi couldn't believe her eyes when she saw a young girl sitting next to her father, hugging him. The girl must be barely eighteen and Li Xin Yi was twenty five now. She never in her wild dreams expected her father to take another woman as his wife. Li Xin Yi had heard her father Li Shu Chen saying to her mother that, Fu Ming Zhu was the only woman he loved in his life and that is why he did not let her go even when he had a wife. But seeing all this now, Li Xin Yi did not know what to do or think.

Seeing Li Xin Yi come out, Fu Ming Zhu ran next to her. She looked at Li Shu Chen and said, "Look at our daughter. She is in such a poor health. How can you think of marrying another woman when our family is in such a situation?"

"When I came to your house after my parents and wife died, I don't think you spoke like this. I had come right after the funeral and all you wanted was to marry me. Did you think about Li Zi Yun who was in hospital and poor health?"

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