My Boss Is Scary Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Li Xi Yun looked at Li Xin Yi. She smiled, "Look the bitch is back in town".

Li Xin Yi stared at Li Xi Yun, "How dare you call me bitch Li Xi Yun? Did you forget about the past?"

Li Xi Yun smiled sweetly, "Yes sorry I forgot. You're the illegitimate child, or should I call you bastard?"

No one knew about Li family's young Miss Li Xin Yi and also her mother was not respected much in the society. Li Xin Yi was so angry that she raised her hand to slap her. Li Xi Yun caught her hands before it touched her cheeks and she slapped her back.

After having working for several years, Li Xi Yun's hands were no longer delicate. She exerted her maximum force and it caused Li Xin Yi to stagger behind. Her eyes became watery. After coming back from studing abroad, she was always holding her head high and pretending to be the only daughter of her father.

She couldn't stand being embarrassed before so many people. Many people were recording this in their mobile phones while the others were just onlookers. She raised her hand to slap Li Xi Yun again. Before she could even try to slap, Li Xi Yun slapped her other cheek too.

Before when Li Xin Yi tried to bully her she was never in a position to resist it, so she preferred ignoring her without getting involved. Every time Li Xin Yi tried to do something to Li Xi Yun she would always complain to her dad as if it was Li Xi Yun who bullied her, and it always ended with Li Xi Yun being punished.

But now Li Xi Yun was no longer in Li family, and she had no one to fear or anything to lose. She knew that even if she let go of Li Xin Yi she knew that her step sister would make a scene out of it.

After slapping her, Li Xi Yun was quite happy. She thought 'It felt so good to slap her.'

She saw that Li Xin Yi's cheeks were flushed from embarrassment and the beating and the hand imprint could be seen clearly.

Li Xin Yi had never been so embarrassed in her life and she couldn't accept the fact that Li Xi Yun who was an outcast in the family could do this to her.

Chu Yan entered the store followed by Chan Sheng, Li Xin Yi's fiancée. Seeing Li Xi Yun's back and the staff standing around uncomfortably Chu Yan called out, "Xi Yun what's wrong?"

Li Xi Yun turned around to face him. She was smiling happily at him, while another woman before her was in tears. Chan Sheng couldn't take his eyes off Li Xi Yun. He was seeing her after so many years. She was just pretty as before and she had become more elegant. He did not even notice the Li Xin Yi, his fiancée who was crying opposite to him.

Li Xin Yi spoke loudly before Li Xi Yun could open her mouth. "Brother Chu Yan, Li Xi Yun slapped me and she is fighting with me over a dress that I selected"

Of course Li Xi Yun knew about all Li Xin Yi's silly tricks. Trying to gain sympathy from others. Chu Yan told the staffs present to get some ice.

Before she could continue, Li Xi Yun slapped her again on both her cheeks. "Li Xin Yi, I'm your elder sister. Did your mother not teach you how to respect elders? Of course only if someone respected her she would know how to respect others and also teach you. Anyway as your elder sister it's my duty to teach you. Don't forget to call me elder sister"

Li Xin Yi's were spread wide in shock. She did not expect the blow. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Before she could relax Li Xi Yun slapped her again on both her cheeks. Some blood started oozing out as Li Xin Yi held her cheeks.

Li Xi Yun continued, "Don't you know you should not involve a third person in our family problems? Are you still a kid Li Xin Yi?"

Chu Yan and Chan Sheng's mouths were wide open. They had never seen Li Xi Yun treating anyone this way before.

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