My Boss Is Scary Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Tears were rolling down uncontrollably in Li Xin Yi's cheeks. She looked at Chan Sheng with a pitiful face. But she noticed he was looking at Li Xi Yun with awe.

She was cursing Li Xi Yun in her mind 'I will definitely not let this go bitch. I will get back to you. How dare you even make my fiancée keep looking at you? I will spoil your face and kill you and tear you into pieces' Wuxiaworld for visiting.

She said in a high pitched voice with sobs, "Brother Sheng, you have to get justice for me. Li Xi Yun is ill treating me". She looked at him as if she was an innocent girl and she was bullied even though she hadn't done anything wrong.

The staff brought the ice pack and she took it towards Li Xin Yi. She looked at Chu Yan thankfully. Chu Yan stopped the staff.

"Where are you taking it? I asked it for Li Xi Yun". He gave it in her hands saying, "Look how red your hands are."

Li Xin Yi couldn't believe her eyes. Her cheeks were swollen and she was hit so many times but Chu Yan was taking care of Li Xi Yun who slapped her. The bitch must have seduced him, otherwise why would he take care of her.

Then he looked at Li Xin Yi and told her, "Listen to your elder sister and don't damage your family's name. And also me a third person don't want to be involved in your family problem"

In a pleading voice she then spoke to Li Xi Yun, "Elder sister can you at least give me the dress. Did you not do all this because of that dress? Please buy it and give it to me as my return gift"

She looked at Li Xin Yi. She couldn't help but chuckle. 'She had forgotten how shameless Li Xin Yi was'

The staff had seen Li Xi Yun entering with Chu Yan, their owners' son. So they had been following her attentively and helping her look at the dresses. So they saw the entire scene happening there. Before Li Xin Yi could speak, the Manager couldn't help but intervene. She could see how Li Xin Yi was lying from the beginning in front of their faces.

She told Chu Yan, "Young Master Chu, Miss Li Xi Yun was the one who selected the dress and when she about to pay for the dress (she pointed out Li Xin Yi) this young lady interjected in the middle saying she wanted this dress." She pointed out Li Xin Yi again and she continued, "Young Master this young lady is lying and it was her who started this commotion."

Li Xin Yi yelled at her, "How dare you talk about the Young miss of Li family in such a way. Apologize to me right now"

Chan Sheng atlast opened his mouth, "Li Xin Yi haven't you embarrassed yourself enough?"

Li Xin Yi did not expect that even Chan Sheng wouldn't support her.

He said in a serious tone, "Apologize to Li Xi Yun now. The Manager has already said what happened now. Stop it. It's enough"

"Brother Sheng they are lying. You have to trust me."

The Manager was not an easy woman. She said, "Young lady there are cameras here you can't lie and defame us. I can even show the video as proof."

Li Xi Yun went near Li Xin Yi and she said, "Li Xin Yi I think you still haven't learned your lesson yet. The others will blame I haven't thought my sister properly."

She raised her hand; Li Xin Yi covered her cheeks immediately scared of getting slapped again. Li Xi Yun pinched her sisters' soft upper arm, almost digging her nail into her hand.

Li Xin Yi screamed loudly enough for every one present to hear her.

Li Xi Yun said loudly, "This was for you to remember never to lie"

Then she turned to face the guys, she asked "Do you think I am being unfair?"

Both Chu Yan and Chan Sheng nodded no.

Chan Sheng said, "It's your family issue we can't intervene"

Chu Yan signaled to the manager and she started dispersing the crowd.

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