My Boss Is Scary Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17

Li Xin Yi wanted to kill Li Xi Yun right now. Initially the only reason why she wanted Chan Sheng as her fiancée was because Li Xi Yun liked him. But as time went on, she started loving him.

But from the beginning till now he was the same to her. He treated her just like how he treated everyone else. The only thing extra were kissing her and sleeping with her.

So the look in Chan Sheng's face as he was looking at Li Xi Yun and also supporting Li Xi Yun instead of her took her to the peak of her anger. She was fuming inside; Chu Yan was using the ice pack to massage Li Xi Yun's hand, While Chan Sheng was also looking at the dresses instead of asking her how she felt. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

He selected two dresses. He chose a white moiré faille gown with pencil skirt and blue off shoulder evening gown with a cut revealing the wearers thigh on the left side.

He gave the white gown to Li Xin Yi and he told her to apologize to Li Xi Yun and give her this blue dress as return gift.

She stared at Chan Sheng. So this whole point of selecting a dress was to give one to Li Xi Yun. She looked at the dress, she knew Li Xi Yun had a huge scar on her thigh and she would never wear something revealing like this. So she confidently took it to her.

She said in a sweet voice, "Sister Xi Yun I am truly sorry for my behavior. Please accept my apology and take this dress. I want to see you in this dress for our engagement"

Li Xin Yi was not kind enough to neither apologize to her nor give her a dress. She understood when she saw the dress.

She gave the dress back to Li Xin Yi "Don't worry I can afford to get a dress. You can keep it"

She turned around and she wanted to walk away from Li Xin Yi. But Li Xin Yi wouldn't close her mouth. "Sister, are you afraid to show your scars to others? Are you scared no one will respect you knowing how you were treated at home by dad. (She smiled evilly) And are you scared no one will identify you as the eldest Miss of Li family after that?" Li Xin Yi thought she succeeded in getting under her skin.

But to her surprise Li Xi Yun replied, "No, that was just an excuse. The truth was I don't want to see your face. If I accept this dress I have to attend your engagement and also come to Li family house, which I don't want to do"

She swung her hair behind and dragged along Chu Yan with her. "Chu Yan I am hungry lets go somewhere and eat". She did not have breakfast yet but after slapping Li Xin Yi she felt like her stomach was full and she was no longer hungry.

She knew the moment they were alone he would start asking questions about her family.

She was neither ashamed nor sad about what happened to her but she did not want anyone to feel pity for her. That was the main reason why she did not want to tell it to anyone. The way they treated her completely changed after knowing the truth about her.

After reaching the restaurant Chu Yan opened his mouth. Before he could even speak she said, "No questions about my family"

"I want to know..."

She cut him off again, "No don't ask me I won't answer"

He took her right hand and showed her, "I only wanted to know if your hand was okay"

And then he continued casually, "If I want to know about your family I would run a background check on them, why would I ask you?"

Li Xi Yun had no reply to this statement. Then they went shopping together to get the limited edition hand purse, that would go well with this dress. She was elated the whole day. The instance with Li Xin Yi had made her happy knowing at least she gave a tiny bit of what she received so many years.

Though Chu Yan had a thousand questions he knew Li Xi Yun would not answer it and anyway evade his questions. So he did not take the trouble of questioning her.

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