My Boss Is Scary Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18

From what Chu Yan saw at the store it looked like Li Xi Yun was beating Li Xin Yi just for the fun of it. There was no major problem and nothing huge happened for her to slap her step sister in front of everyone.

Chu Yan asked Li Xi Yun, "Tell me, weren't you venting your pent up anger on your step sister".

Li Xi Yun was sitting with a smile on her face. She said, "Did it seem like that?"

"Yes, it looked like you were having fun"

"Well then yes. Slapping her felt good so I slapped her again and again"

Then Chu Yan asked her, "Are you sure your step mother won't cause problems for you due to this incident and also your dad?"

"Do I seem like I give a fuck about it? The days where he controlled me are over. And I don't give a damn about what he thinks about me beating the young bitch"

Chu Yan just nodded his head.

Li Xi Yun was thinking about the time when Li Xin Yi had fallen on her own but she complained to her mom and dad pushing the blame on her elder sister nd that Li Xi Yun pushed her down and wounded her knees. Her step mother had heated an iron rod and placed it on her left thigh leaving a mark by burning her skin; Li Xi Yun was crying and begging. The hot iron road was burning her skin and she was screaming in pain.

She was punished for something she hadn't even done. When her dad saw this he never uttered a single word even though he heard her screams. It had formed a huge scar on her thigh. Li Xi Yun was involuntarily touching her left thigh as she was thinking about the dress Li Xin Yi gave her. She could clearly remember the agony she felt when she was being hurt.

Chu Yan could sense something but since she did not want to speak about it, he did not question her.

Li Xin Yi got into the car with Chan Sheng. Her cheeks were red and swollen and she has been embarrassed publicly but that slut Li Xi Yun. She did not speak a single word to him till she reached home. She was angry with him for not supporting her in front of everybody.

She reached home and walked away without telling him bye. He followed her into the house. When Li Xin Yi entered the house the servants were bringing out snacks. And they served it to her. She pushed it away throwing everything on the floor, making a mess of the place. Hearing the breaking of bowls and plates and crashing of cutlery, Li Xin Yi's mother Fu Ming Zhu hurried to the spot, thinking it was the servants who had done a mistake.

Seeing Li Xin Yi she asked, "What are you doing here? What's wrong with you? Why are you breaking everything?"

Only when Li Xin Yi looked up she saw her daughter's swollen red cheeks.

Li Xi Yun yelled, "That good for nothing Li Xi Yun did this to me. Look how she spoiled my face. I want you to kill her now."

Chan Sheng couldn't wait anymore. He said to her, "Look Xin Yi it was your mistake and you provoked her and you lied in front of everybody and you wanted to humiliate her. None of this would have happened if you had stayed quiet. So stop blaming others and reflect on your mistakes"

Li Xin Yi could not believe her ears. He had seen her bullying several people and he had always turned a blind eye to it. He had never once said anything nor blamed her. Was it because of Li Xi Yun?

She replied, "Brother Sheng I am innocent today. It was she who bullied me today." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Chan Sheng shook his head knowing there was no use talking to her and left. Li Xin Yi's mother Fu Ming Zhu rushed to her side.

"How can you let her do this to you?" she asked Li Xin Yi as she ordered the maid to bring some ice and call the doctor.

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