My Boss Is Scary Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 19

"I saw her today, and she slapped me" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Massaging her cheeks with the ice pack her mom asked her what happened. She said everything that happened today in the store. She continued, "Mom even Young Master Chu Yan was supporting that bitch Li Xi Yun and he came for shopping with her".

"That is not good; we cannot have someone strong backing her. Are they in a relationship? How did he treat her?" her mother was getting anxious.

"When my cheeks were red and swollen he got ice pack to soothe her hands and not my swollen cheeks. He was taking care of her so well"

"And Mom if she has someone strong backing she will never let us go for what we did to her, we have to stop her"

In the past when Li Xi Yun was staying at Li family home, Fu Ming Zhu was a cruel step mother. When she entered home after marrying Li Shu Chen, Li Xi Yun's father, she had tortured Li Xi Yun every single day as much as she could.

In the beginning she was doing it secretly, since Li Xi Yun was the only child till then and she was loved and adored by everyone, she did not want Li Shu Chen to get angry with her or chase her out. But later when she came to know that Li Shu Chen knows what she was doing and still never questioned her, she gained confidence and started abusing her. Sometimes she even complained to Li Shu Chen about Li Xi Yun and made Li Xi Yun get punished in his hands.

After becoming the lady of Li family, she went to the elite clubs for ladies. There she was neither treated with respect nor taken care of. Most of the women ignored her even though she tried to be friendly with them. Even if she had so much money and tried to boast of it by setting up parties, none of the important ladies or the ladies from the elite families showed up. It was only the next circle that visited. And whenever this happened she turned her anger towards Li Xi Yun, that she was treated like this because of Li Xi Yun's dead mother.

When Li Xi Yun was young she once made her stand in the rain for long period. She was brought inside the house only after someone found her lying outside dripping wet and shivering. Then the following day she had chills along with high fever and she was shivering. She was vomiting no matter what she ate or drank. And only after long consideration Li Xi Yun was taken to hospital. The doctor said she had pneumonia and she had to be treated immediately.

That was the only time Li Shu Chen warned her. And the warning was not to kill Li Xi Yun as she may be of use later. As soon as Li Xi Yun got better the torture started again. So she knew very well what to expect from Li Xi Yun if she became powerful. She thought of speaking about this to Li Shu Chen. Maybe he can control her a tiny bit and then she can use it to her advantage.

As soon as Li Xi Yun completed high school she left home. In other words she ran away from home. She never returned any of her father's calls nor met with them after that. She was only sure of one thing; Li Xi Yun had to be brought under her control again. If Li Xi Yun had Chu Yan's help means she can't be touched easily. So she has to stop it as soon as possible.

She told Li Xin Yi "Make a scene when your father gets home. Something has to be done about her. How dare she touch my daughter?"

She was mumbling under her breath. "I should have killed when she was young. I let her live only because her father hated her. I shouldn't have let her live"

Within the few hours after Li Xi Yun slapped Li Xin Yi. The video had circled around and many people have watched it.

One among the people who saw the video was Assistant Liu Guang. He couldn't stay without telling his boss. He entered the boss's room to tell him, but Wang Yu was already watching it.

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