My Boss Is Scary Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Wang Yu

Wang Yu took over the company at the age of 24. It has been 5 years since he started managing the company. The entire management of the Wang Group of Industries was under his hands now. The Wang family was one of the prominent families of C country. Wang Yu had a fiancée, Huang Nian, the Huang family was eyeing the benefits that can be gained from a marriage alliance with the Wang family so even though they were not sure if Wang Yu will get married with Huang Nian they were trying by all means to make it possible. He was not interested in Huang Nian, but since she did not bother him much he let her be for the time being.

Liu Guang was Wang Yu's right hand man and secretary. He was his most trusted man, so every order that Wang Yu wanted to execute was passed through him. Everyone in the company knew him and they respected him.

Wang Yu was looking at the list of five possible candidates for his personal secretary position. Liu Guang was confused why the boss suddenly needed a personal secretary now although he already had him and there were also two more secretaries under him.

Wang Yu looked at him, "What are your thoughts about this appointment? Who do you think will be suitable for the position?"

Saying that he handed the file to him, it contained the resume of the five women along with the notes written by the Manager who interviewed them.

"Boss… Why is the girl Li Zi Yun one among the chosen five? Why would you consider her for such an important job? She doesn't stand a chance against the other four. "

"Because she is going to be Personal Secretary…." said Wang Yu coolly.

"Boss then why did you conduct an interview when you had already selected a person for this position?"

"Cause I want her to think she was chosen fairly". He replied as if it was the most obvious answer. Liu Guang was thinking in his 'do you even think she will consider that she has been chosen fairly when she is the one with the least possible chance'.

"Do you know her?" He wanted to know his boss's relationship with the girl who had suddenly caught his interest. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"I wish I had known about her earlier then I could have stopped that from happening". An evil glint was glowing in his eyes.

"Stop what?" Liu Guang was curious to know what his boss was talking about.

However the reply he got was "Inform her she has been selected"

Well, what else did he expect from his boss! He nodded and left the room.

"Stop, tell her to sign the contract that she will be my secretary for next two years". Is Wang Yu being serious right now? Liu Guang couldn't tell.

Wang Yu's eyes were filled with hatred thinking about her. He was thinking about the different ways he could torture her. He wanted her to beg him to kill her. The two year contract was pretty long for her. He knew she will not survive that long. He will make her wish she was dead. He will make her life a living hell.

Li Zi Yun was feeling chills behind her back. Was someone cursing her? She could never guess.

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