My Boss Is Scary Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 20

Li Cheng Zhi , the only son of Li Shu Chen was the apple of his eye. So Li Cheng Zhi was spoiled from when he was young. Fu Ming Zhu has repeated the words, "You are the heir of Li group" to his from when was a kid so he grew up confident no one can touch him. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li Cheng Zhi's only goal in life was to enjoy life to maximum without bothering about the trouble he gives others. His father Li Shu Chen and mother Fu Ming Zhu were there to clean up his mess always. They had never once tried to correct him or point out his mistakes.

Whenever Li Cheng Zhi committed crimes, Li Shu Chen always solved it with money. Li Cheng Zhi's mistakes turned to small crimes and now into huge crimes. But still Li Shu Chen never once said a word to him about it or disciplined him. Instead he appointed an assistant for Li Cheng Zhi to erase the evidence without trace.

When Li Cheng Zhi returned home he saw his sisters tear stained face and swollen cheeks. He asked her, "Who had the guts to beat my big sister. Did my brother in law slap you?"

Li Cheng Zhi was staying away in an apartment where he would not be disturbed by family. Seeing that he had returned home after a long time his mother could not contain her happiness.

"Cheng Zhi, look how thin you have become. You make mom worry about you. Will you stay here for few days?"

Without waiting for him to answer she gave orders to prepare his favorite dishes and get his room ready. Li Cheng Zhi always brought girls back home and so he preferred staying alone where he will not be disturbed by anyone and where he can come and go any time without being questioned.

Fu Ming Zhu said him, "Do you remember the one who left home seven years ago. It was her who did that to my precious daughter."

"Oh elder sister did that?"

Fu Ming Zhu told him, "She is not your elder sister. She is only your fathers' daughter but even he doesn't care about her and so she is no longer part of the family. Don't forget that"

She continued, "You are the only heir to Li family. And you can't be saying her as the eldest daughter. What if she comes to fight for inheritance?"

Li Cheng Zhi was interested in having loads of money, but not in earning it. He was happy as long as someone earned the money and gave it to him. He was not interested in being charge or working in the company.

He only visited the board meetings as share holder because his parents compelled him, and he never got involved with the company in any way.

He shook his head and walked off. When he walked to his room, his mother said behind him, "Rest in your room. If you want I will send some food up to your room. Take rest."

He knew there will be a huge scene at home tonight. This had happened from when he was young and he always found it entertaining. He was not much attached to his family members. He had seen Li Xin Yi bullying Li Xi Yun at school and he had also seen Li Xin Yi complain to their mom the exact opposite of what actually happened. He never interfered in any of it even though he knew the truth.

When Li Shu Chen arrived at home, Li Xin Yi was waiting for him with tears in her eyes and with a clear view of her face where he can see her clearly. As soon he saw her he asked "What happened to your face?"

"Father" she hugged him and started crying. Fu Ming Zhu said him "Look how your daughter has treated her sister.'"

"Li Xi Yun did this?" he asked shocked.

"Father she slapped me in front of everybody in public". Li Xin Yi started crying again.

Li Cheng Zhi came down and he saw the drama going on. He wanted to add more fuel to fire.

He said, "Father Look at this video"

It was the video of Li Xi Yun slapping Li Xin Yi.

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