My Boss Is Scary Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter 21

The girl in the video looked different than the Li Xi Yun he saw the last time. Li Xi Yun was no longer fragile and thin like she was when he saw her before seven years.

When she was living with them she was always ignored by them when she was not scolded or punished, so she too never bothered to speak a word to them. Even her voice seemed different to him now.

After looking at the video Li Cheng Zhi told Li Xin Yi, "Big sis, no wonder your cheeks were so swollen. It must have hurt a lot". There was not an ounce of concern in his words. It was more like mocking her.

Fu Ming Zhu told Li Shu Chen, "You can't let her act so arrogantly. You have to stop her. Look how she is treating my daughter in public"

He looked at the video closely and saw Chu Yan standing in close proximity to her. He asked Li Xin Yi, "What is Young Master Ch Yan doing there?"

She replied, "It was Yong Master Chu's mothers' store. Li Xi Yun came shopping there and Chu Yan was also with her. They went out and left the place together."

Li Shu Chen never thought he had to keep tabs on her. So he never bothered about her whereabouts after she left home. He knew Chu Yan's mother had a top fashion brand. 'Where did she get the money to shop in such places?' he started wondering.

Li Shu Chen immediately called his assistant and told him to find out about Li Xi Yun. He consoled Li Xin Yi that he will not leave this issue alone. And he ordered his men to try to take down this video. But a lot of people had already seen the video and were sending messages to Li Xin Yi.

Li Shu Chen had been planning to hold a party in a week to announce and celebrate Li Xin Yi's return and also to announce Li Xin Yi's engagement with Chan Sheng. He never thought that Li Xi Yun would create troubles now.

"Father how can I show my face out in public after this? She called me an illegitimate child in front of everybody" saying so she started her crying again.

"She called you an illegitimate child?" Li Shu Chen couldn't control his anger at this statement. "How dare she talk to you like that?"

Then he told his wife, "Don't worry I will not let our child suffer. Take care of her wounds. You have a party in a week. Sleep well"

Li Xin Yi went to her room, happy and satisfied that her father will not let go of Li Xi Yun.

Fu Ming Zhu asked her husband "What are we going to do about her?"

He told her, "Wait till my assistant comes with the information about her then we can decide what to do."

Though Fu Ming Zhu did not want Li Xi Yun alive, she could not tell it to him loud. Maybe if she killed her and made it look like an accident then he wouldn't blame her. She thought of postponing the plan to kill Li Xi Yun until her husband comes to a conclusion on what to do about her.

At home Li Xi Yun was lying in her bed, thinking about the day. She knew that her father Li Shu Chen would not leave her alone. Even if he did not do anything Fu Ming Zhu, her step mother would not stay quiet.

Though this was nothing compared to what they had done to her, they will definitely make a huge scene out of this. But Li Xi Yun was neither scared nor worried about it. After being tortured at home for more than six years and having to earn for her living for more than seven years she had grown stronger. Still she preferred ignoring them, but if they wanted to cause trouble to her, she would not submit to them.

Opening her windows she was looking outside, she felt the cool breeze touching her skin. She was leaning on the window staring into nothing in particular. She felt as if she was being watched. She looked down but she couldn't find anyone. She looked into the darkness but she couldn't make out anything. Someone was looking at her from the shadows. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Somewhere a man was watching the video, "She has gotten stronger". Then he ordered to a man, "Guard her well don't let anything happen to her"

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