My Boss Is Scary Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 22

Monday morning Li Xi Yun woke up, got ready and went straight to office. She had no idea how much the video has spread among the people. When she entered the office building she got a lot of stares. From when she became the personal secretary of CEO Wang many people used to point fingers at her and whisper behind her back. She got used to it. Since it had happened for a few days she thought the stares must be because of that reason.

Before Meng Sen Xi could stop her she entered the private elevator.

In his office Wang Yu was looking at the information his Assistant Liu Guang had gathered about Li Xi Yun. He found that Li Xi Yun had left home when she was eighteen after she completed school and she had never visited her family in the last seven years.

Wang Yu also saw that she was financially weak and she had to pay her own bills. He started wondering 'Why would her father Li Shu Chen not give her any money even though she was the eldest daughter'. She also did not have a fiancée and she had clearly severed her bonds with her family.

She was a top student in school and she completed her graduate courses with scholarship without getting a single penny from her father. For the rest of her expenses she had worked part time. He noticed that she had worked hard for the past seven years. She had never had a boyfriend before and never dated anybody.

In school days Li Xi Yun had been bullied by Wang Yiran, his sister along with Li Xin Yi, her step sister. But there were nothing about her interactions with Wang Yiran other than that. It was stated that she mostly ignored them unless they did not cross the limit.

He looked through her college days and she had studied, worked part time and that was the most part of it. She had never been involved in anything else.

He looked at her weaknesses. When she met with an accident along with her parents and grandparents, it was a car crash and the car had fallen into a lake. Li Xi Yun was lucky to have survived the accident. The car had crashed from a certain height and had fallen into the lake. So he guessed she may have some trauma regarding the incident.

He could find nothing interesting in her lifestyle. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

He looked at Assistant Liu Guang, "Is that all?"

"Yes Boss."

"Find out why she cut ties with her family." Wang Yu ordered.

"Boss… it looked like after her step mother came home she was not much attached to the family. Nothing else is known boss."

He had found nothing useful in the report. The only man who could confirm she was in the scene is also dead and the video was the only piece of evidence with him.

He said Assistant Liu Guang to ask Li Xi Yun to come inside.

After researching about Li Xi Yun, Liu Guang did not find any connection between Li Xi Yun with CEO Wang Yu. He felt sorry for her, that she had to face CEO Wang Yu's wrath and she had no one whom she can call family.

The video was the only one which showed her in an arrogant way and he found nothing other than that which would show her in a bad light.

He knew CEO Wang Yu was calling her because of the video. After coming oit the CEO's room he called out "Secretary Li Xi Yun, CEO Wang Yu wants to see you now."

Li Xi Yun left her desk and walked towards the CEO'S room. She walked past Assistant Liu Guang when he called out to her, "Secretary Xi Yun, be careful. Don't talk back to the CEO"

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