My Boss Is Scary Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23

Li Xi Yun entered CEO Wang Yu's room. Every time CEO Wang Yu looked into her eyes, she got an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She tried to keep a straight face and not show it on her face. "CEO Wang, you asked for me?" she asked him as she looked into his eyes, trying to meet his gaze.

"Secretary Xi Yun, do you know why I called you?" He asked her coldly. She felt uncomfortable about his question. She had no idea why he called her. Was it to yell at her again?

Though she wanted to ask 'No do you think I can read your mind?' she answered him quietly "No Sir. Do you have any work for me?"

'Still pretending in front of me?' He threw the tablet to her which she caught.

He said "Play it".

'Shit!!!!!!!' she had completely forgotten people were taking video around her in the store. She looked up slightly to see his reaction with the corner of her eyes. He was staring at her. 'Uh Huh…. No….. This was not good'

"Sir" she extended her hand to give it back to him. He said, "Well, Why don't you read the article written under it?"

She read the article under it, 'Miss Li Xi Yun, Personal Secretary of CEO Wang Yu, Wang Group of Industries'. She knew Wang Yu hated him, even though she did not know the reason. He was getting irritated at her for trivial issues, she was sure she was going to have a hell of a time now.

Below it was also written that 'a source who works with Miss Li Xi Yun in Wang Group of Industries has states that Miss Li Xi Yun was an arrogant person who never treated anybody as her equal and it was no wonder she behaved like this to her sister'.

She knew she was not liked by her colleagues after she was promoted as personal secretary, but she had no idea they hated her so much for that. It must be somebody who wanted to become personal secretary who must have done this.

She calmed herself and placed the tablet in Wang Yu's table.

"And? What do you think about that Secretary Xi Yun?" His eyes bored into hers as he was speaking. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Sir someone in our company has spread rumors. And also he/she hasn't followed the protocol that no one is allowed to speak to the media unless or otherwise specified which, is an important point in our contract too. We have to find out who did this as soon as possible Sir".

She said this in a confident tone as if this was what he was talking about. 'Please god please'. She was praying that he would let her go.

"Secretary Li Xi Yun and this was the only thing you found wrong from that article?"

"Yes sir". She answered him in a convincing voice.

Wang Yu tapped the table loudly, loud enough for Li Xi Yun's heart to stop for a second, "Secretary Li Xi Yun, are you playing with me? Don't you know what you have done wrong?"

"No Sir"

"Well then let me tell you. You have damaged the image of Wang Group of companies by doing something like this in public"

She was not ready to give up, "But Sir that was my family issue. How is that relevant to the company?"

"Don't forget you're not only Li Xi Yun but also the Personal Secretary of ME, Wang Yu, the CEO of Wang group of companies. You should have taken care of it and should have controlled the situation. You are the reason my company name is in the news for wrong reasons"

"Sir…But… "Before she could complete her sentence Wang Yu stopped her.

"Due to this incident you will not be receiving three months of pay"

'What!!! He is touching my salary!!!!No!!!!!' Li Xi Yun wanted to scream out loud. But she just nodded her head and turned around to the room.

He spoke to her, "And don't forget to find out who was the source."

"Yes Sir", saying that she left the room.

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