My Boss Is Scary Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24

Wang Yu was laughing inside after Li Xi Yun left the room. He knew Li Xi Yun was financially weak, and definitely she wouldn't be able to survive without the month's salary. He wanted to exploit her weakness. Her pride will not let her ask her father and also she will surely not ask her friends. He wanted to see what she will do.

Li Xi Yun had spent all her savings on Wu Li Shu's dress. She had no idea how to pay the rent and take care of the expenses for the next three months. Her account balance was almost nil and she was not sure if she will get a loan from the bank. But since that was the only option left for her, she thought of trying that.

Wang Yu called Assistant Liu Guang. He informed him that under disciplinary action, Li Xi Yun will not get her salary for next three months. Then Wang Yu ordered him to buy the house Li Xi Yun is staying at. He wanted to crush her from all sides.

Liu Guang very well understood Wang Yu's intentions, but he couldn't do anything other than obey him, because he was his boss. He started executing it. Though the owner demanded a higher price than the market price, Wang Yu wanted Liu Guang to pay it. Before evening the deed was in Wang Yu's hands.

Li Xi Yun went to the lunch hall sadly. Seeing her Meng Sen Xi started talking to her, "Why are sitting sadly when your sister must be the one crying now." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Stop joking". Li Xi Yun was playing with her food, without eating a single bite. "Are you that happy at slapping your sister, that you lost your appetite?" Meng Sen Xi was not ready to stop talking about it.

"CEO Wang Yu has cut off my salary for three months because of this" Li Xi Yun's thoughts were only on her salary being cut off for three months.

"You are the eldest daughter of Li family; don't tell me you're dependent on the salary for your living"

"Yeah Yeah I am the eldest daughter of Li family and I don't have to worry about money"

"Should I give away my salary to you for three months?"

"Stop joking and eat". 'Yes she can't bother others with her problems'. Immediately she changed her face to a smile and started talking about other things. But that was the only thing in her mind.

Meng Sen Xi noticed that she was not really into the conversation but he did not question her after that.

After Li Xi Yun left to her desk, Meng Sen Xi called and asked his assistant, "Did you find out anything about what I asked you earlier?" He meant the connection between Wang Yu and Li Xi Yun. Upon receiving a negative answer, he asked his assistant to send him details about Li Xi Yun that he has found out.

He did not want to investigate nor do background check on the girl he likes, but still due to the rising problems in her life, he wanted to get to know her enemies. He was reluctant to open the file that his assistant had sent him; he was contemplating for a minute what he should do. But curiosity got the better of him and he opened it.

He read about all the details his assistant could gather about Li Xi Yun. Though it was not much, but he still thought it was enough to get to know her more.

Then he found the part he was interested in. She had never had a boyfriend before. So he started thinking of ways to impress her. Though he had often said to her straight that he likes her, Meng Sen Xi had never received an answer from Li Xi Yun.

Wang Yu was thinking about the options Li Xi Yun can get money. He checked her bank balance and it was low, then she can either ask her friends for help or she can get a loan. Wang Yu found that Li Xi Yun had never once borrowed money from her friends, so she would not do that now either.

The only other option left was getting a loan. He ordered his men to follow her and inform him of she went inside any bank.

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