My Boss Is Scary Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 25

In Li family residence, Li Shu Chen had to postpone the party for a week. Li Xin Yi's face was still a mess and the doctors said it would take some time to heal. So Li Shu Chen had no option other than to postpone the party.

Li Xin Yi's fiancée, Chan Sheng did not have much interest in this engagement. But his family business really needed money. Even if he wanted to say no his family would not allow it. In the beginning he had really liked Li Xin Yi when they were engaged. But as time went on and he saw her true face, he was no longer interested in her. In front of him she was a lovely girl, but he couldn't change his opinion on her after seeing her treat others the way she treats them.

Initially he had tried to change her. That was when she started treating people like trash behind his back. After seeing her doing this even after warning Li Xin Yi, he gave up on her. When Chan Sheng complained to his parents, they were more interested in money, than having a good mannered daughter in law.

So Chan Sheng tried to put up with her as much as he could since they were engaged because Li Xin Yi had liked him from when she was young. One day he came to know that they were engaged not because Lin Xin Yi likes him, but because Li Xi Yun liked him and Lin Xin Yi wanted to get engaged with Chan Sheng with the only thought of taking away what Li Xi Yun likes.

From that day he lost all interest in her. He could remember the moments when she tried to rub it Li Xi Yun's face that she was engaged to Chan Sheng. Since he was not interested in his fiancée he started dating other girls in the side discreetly and he never got caught.

Chan Sheng had tried telling it once to Li Xin Yi, but she made a huge scene saying she will commit suicide if he leaves her. She had even tried to commit suicide and she was taken to hospital. Then he thought of living with her happily but after a day he found out it was a drama staged by the mother daughter duo. After that he never talked about it.

Chan Sheng tried acting indifferent to her, but she was not ready to leave him. So he continued his ways of living, and meeting her only when it was absolutely necessary. So Chan Sheng was a bit relieved that the dates were postponed.

Li Shu Chen found that Li Xi Yun was now working under CEO Wang Yu in Wang Group of companies. Wang Yu was a hard person to meet and so he thought of making use of Li Xi Yun to meet Wang Yu and get him to invest in his company.

But Fu Ming Zhu was getting impatient. In the past whenever she was angry she was able to immediately show her anger on Li Xi Yun. Now she felt uncomfortable not having Li Xi Yun within her reach or control.

She started nagging her husband Li Shu Chen. "Did you not see Li Xin Yi's face? Why haven't you still done anything to Li Xi Yun? Is she more important to you than our daughter? What can I tell Li Xin Yi now?"

"Do you know where Li Xi Yun is working now or what is her position currently?" Li Shu Chen asked her slightly irritated. He was making huge plans with Li Xi Yun and he was not ready to neither listen to his wife Fu Ming Zhu now nor let her jeopardize it.

"What has that got to do with me now? When will you let Li Xin Yi get her revenge?"

"She is the personal Secretary of CEO Wang Yu, and she is now working in Wang group of companies next to the CEO. Do you even know how hard I have been trying to meet CEO Wang Yu but I had never got an appointment with him. He is such a busy man to meet. Now I can take advantage of Li Xi Yun and somehow accomplish it"

Li Shu Chen continued, "I have been trying to meet him for so long to get him invest in our company. If that happens do you know how much profits we can gain from that? Wuxiaworld for visiting.

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