My Boss Is Scary Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Chapter 26

Fu Ming Zhu started laughing. "Do you think she will listen to you and set up an appointment? I am sure she wouldn't even attend your call. Don't build castles in air"

Li Shu Chen "She was brought up by me, she has to listen to me"

Fu Ming Zhu continued laughing, "You forgot what you did to her? She has been living on her own for seven years. After living on her own for seven years do you think she will obey you? Stop dreaming"

What Fu Ming Zhu told him seemed right to him. But he wanted to try his chance first before doing anything to her. Li Shu Chen asked Fu Ming Zhu, "Should we invite her to the party?"

Fu Ming Zhu was against it, "Do you want to spoil Li Xin Yi's big day by inviting her there? How can you do this to her? Can't you think about Li Xin Yi's feelings a little?"

Li Shu Chen tried to console her, "Everyone knows about Li Xi Yun. I don't want you to look bad before others."

But Fu Ming Zhu was not convinced. Li Shu Chen then told her, "If she listens to me then we can invite her. If she is useful to us we can let her be for the time being. If not you can do anything you want to her I will not interfere."

Fu Ming Zhu knew very well that Li Xi Yun will never listen to Li Shu Chen so she agreed to this. Even if Li Xi Yun agreed to Li Shu Chen's request she will be useful to them. Maybe they can use her to get more money.

Li Shu Chen immediately gave a call to Li Xi Yun without any hesitation. He had called her a few times in the past. It was often to try to get her to go with some men. So Li Xi Yun never picked up his calls. Therefore he tried calling her from another number.

Li Xi Yun's phone rang. Seeing an unknown number she was hesitating deciding whether to pick up the call or not. The phone stopped ringing.

Fu Ming Zhu told Li Shu Chen "I told you already and you did not listen to me. She is an arrogant bitch"

Li Shu Chen called Li Xi Yun again. He was not ready to give up that easily. The benefits that can be gained from using Li Xi Yun to his advantage were high. So he called her again.

Seeing that she was receiving the call from the same number twice she attended the call.


Hearing Li Xi Yun speak Li Shu Chen replied, "Xi Yun. It's your father Li Shu Chen. How is my daughter doing?"

Li Xi Yun never expected there would come a day where her father will speak to her like this. She had waited for him to speak to her lovingly like he did before her mother passed away. He had spoken to her lovingly but it was all because he wanted her to do something for him.

So LI Xi Yun lost all hopes on her father and knew that he will never love her nor treat her like his daughter. Seeing him talk like this she knew he must have some requests.

"Are you sure you called the right daughter to ask this question 'Dear Father'?"

"Li Xi Yun, Father missed you so much. Why haven't you called father even once?"

"Father I am sure you are speaking to the wrong daughter. You have to call Li Xin Yi, she is the one whom you miss and she is in pain now. Shouldn't you be taking care of her being by her side? Is it because you are old you are unable to identify who is who?" Li Xi Yun was trying to irritate him.

"Li Xi Yun, What are you talking about? Father loves you a lot" Li Shu Chen was trying to coax her; he knew it was a hard to nearly impossible task, but he still wanted to give a try. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Yeah yeah, Father loves me, I am your favorite daughter, and I have heard everything. What do you want now?"

He had never treated her like a daughter for fourteen years. So she never bothered to even pretend to talk like his daughter.

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