My Boss Is Scary Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27

"I am busy, what do you want?"

"Li Xi Yun, Father just wanted to talk to you". Li Xi Yun very well knew that was not the case.

"Mr.Li Shu Chen, you wanted to speak to me and you have spoken to me. So good bye"

"Xi Yun. Don't hang up." Li Xi Yun was starting to get on his nerves.

He would have never put up with her if not for her current position as CEO Wang Yu's personal secretary.

"Mr.Li Shu Chen I have work to do. So either tell me directly what you wanted to say or hang up"

"Li Xi Yun, Can you come to see father?"

"Are you dying? Do you have any life threatening disease?" she asked with no pity in her voice at all.

"No!!!!" Li Shu Chen was shocked did she want him to die?

"Daddy I was joking. Even if you're dying I won't come to see you. So I hope now you got the answer for the question"

Before, Li Xi Yun did not talk back to him. She mostly ignored him or answered in a word. This new Li Xi Yun was irritating him to the core. Li Shu Chen did not know how he had to talk to her to get a reply.

Li Xi Yun continued, "Is it Little Mom then who is on her dead bed?"

"Li Xi Yun" Li Shu Chen yelled on the phone. Li Xi Yun was smiling; she had successfully accomplished what she wanted.

"Daddy, are you angry with your daughter, your favorite child?" Li Xi Yun spoke in a sweet voice. Li Shu Chen hated Li Xi Yun, but he hated her more now.

"Of course not. Why would I be angry with you? No one is ill. Everyone is fine. Father just wanted to see you."

"Too busy to see you. Bye" Li Xi Yun was getting bored of it.

She was no longer interested in even irritating him.

"Xi Yun, Father wanted to ask you a favor" (Here it comes finally she thought). Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Mr. Li Shu Chen, I am not ready to sell my body, if I remember right that was the favor you asked me last time when you called. And if that is what you want then, you can ask that to Li Xin Yi, your beautiful daughter".

Li Shu Chen was taken aback. He never expected her to become so difficult.

"Li Shu Chen forgive father for last time. I want you to get an appointment for me with CEO Wang Yu. Or you can tell me his location when he is outside so that I can meet him directly".

"No" she refused him straight forwardly.

"Li Xi Yun, help your father. I really need this appointment. Please do this help for you family."

"Sorry Mr. li Shu Chen, I have no family. And I don't want to get benefits for you to make your family more rich"

Li Shu Chen was not able to control his anger now. "Li Xi Yun, don't cross the limit. How dare you talk back to me you brat?"

"If you are shameless enough to talk to me and ask me favors, I don't think anything is wrong in me talking back to you. And Daddy what will I gain from this"

"Father will give you whatever you want Like Xi Yun". Li Shu Chen was thinking in his mind, how dare the girl who never even dared to lift her head now speak like this to him.

"Well Daddy, give me mothers shares in Li company and send me Ten million dollars as compensation for hurting me and etc etc. Then maybe I can think about what you asked me to do"

"You will never get a single penny from me. And you will never be able to step inside my company"

"Well then don't even think about getting an appointment old man"

"Don't forget that you are talking to your father you shameless child."

"Yes yes I know your my father. Anything new? I think you are free Mr.Li Shu Chen. You know that I am the personal secretary of CEO Wang Yu now. So unlike you I am busy. So bye daddy. Had a good time bonding with you over this conversation"

Li Shu Chen was yelling now, "Li Xi Yun I order you to do what I asked. If you don't....."

Before Li Shu Chen could finish the sentence, Li Xi Yun hanged up his call. She had heard his threats so many time that she could literally say what he was going to say next.

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