My Boss Is Scary Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28

After hanging up the call, Li Xi Yun was humming a song happily. Her father Li Shu Chen's annoyed voice and his angry burst out was enough to make her day. She completely forgot about CEO Wang Yu's punishment and she not being able to receive salary for the next three months. Finally this phone call took her mind out of it.

CEO Wang Yu left his office with Assistant Liu Guang. When he came out of his room, he could hear some woman singing. Li Xi Yun was standing at some distance away from the CEO's office. He followed the sound and saw it was Li Xi Yun. She was humming a song, though it was not loud, in the quiet office it was loud enough to be heard out.

Wang Yu couldn't understand Li Xi Yun. He was trying to make her life hell, and he saw with his own eyes how sad she was from the morning after hearing about the salary. He found that she was financially weak, and he was sure his doing so will hurt her. He did not know how the girl could change from one mood to another even if she has huge problems in front of her. Now here she was humming a song. This girl has some serious mood swings.

Seeing a shadow behind her, Li Xi Yun turned around and saw CEO Wang Yu standing behind her. "Sir, Can I do anything for you?" she asked him with a smile on her face.

Wang Yu just nodded his head No and left with Assistant Liu Guang. Li Xi Yun's reactions were just like how he saw her for the first time. Was he mistaken about her? When he did a background check on Li Xi Yun the only thing related to Wang Yiran was his sister bullied her and Li Xi Yun had fought with her a couple of times. He started having second thoughts about his opinion of Li Xi Yun.

After thinking about this for some time Wang Yu asked Assistant Liu Guang, "Liu Guang, is it possible for a person to pretend to be good 24*7?"

"No Sir?..." Liu Guang was not sure what to answer and what the CEO meant.

"Hmmm" Wang Yu was lost in his thoughts again. The only bad remark of Li Xi Yun was the video he saw of Li Xi Yun slapping her sister yesterday. He looked through her list of friends. Wu Qing's younger sister Wu Li Shu was Li Xi Yun's best friend. In the video he had seen that Chu Yan was with her. He knew Chu Yan was the son of the president of the country. There were also some more names which were well known in the society.

Wang Yu checked and saw that she had never taken advantage of them nor used them to gain something else. If Li Xi Yun wanted to take advantage of them then she could have done it any time and she need not wait so long. She did not even date them. She need not pretend to be good before them. He was not sure if she could cheat for such a long time and pretend to be something she is not. But if she was really evil and had other intentions then she was surely a great actress.

He told to Assistant Liu Guang, "Get me the full details about Li family. I want every detail about them, including Li Xi Yun's mother and grandparents who died"

Liu Guang sighed. It was another dozen of sleepless nights for him. Li Xi Yun's mother and grandparents had died before thirteen years and he know he has to do a lot of digging to find out the details.

After speaking to Li Xi Yun, Li Shu Chen threw his phone in anger. The phone smashed into pieces. He had done so much for her, how dare she refuse his small request.

He said to Fu Ming Zhu, "That little brat refused me. And she spoke so impolitely to me. Who does she think she is?"

Fu Ming Zhu knew, Li Xi Yun would never heed to their words. She started massaging Li Shu Chen's shoulders, "Hubby, calm down. You can't get ill because of her." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li Shu Chen was clenching his fist so tightly when he released it he could feel the blood rushing back. Li Shu Chen said, "Do you know what she asked me, she asked me her mother's shares in the company and also ten million dollars as compensation for hurting her."

Fu Ming Zhu started sweating now, "Hubby, does she know anything about her mother's shares? Why is she asking about it now? No, there is no way she could have known about it"

Li Shu Chen told her, "Don't worry, she doesn't know anything. She was only trying to get money from us."

But Fu Ming Zhu couldn't calm down, "We can't let her be, we have to do something about her. Who knows what she will do next"

Li Shu Chen couldn't decide yet. If he gets to meet Wang Yu and sign a deal with him, his wealth will increase tremendously. So he was not ready to easily give up on Li Xi Yun. He had to convince her somehow.

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