My Boss Is Scary Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Chapter 29

Li Shu Chen was thinking about the different ways how he could make Li Xi Yun come to meet him. He suddenly thought of something. He asked Fu Ming Zhu, "Where are the things that belonged to Li Xi Yun's mother?"

"Why do you need that?"

Li Shu Chen asked her, "Tell me where her jewels are? No come and show me quick" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

As soon as Fu Ming Zhu entered the Li family after the death of Li Xi Yun's mother and grandparents, the first thing she did was take the entire valuables that belonged to them. Fu Ming Zhu hailed from a middle class family, and till then the money she had got was all from Li Shu Chen. When Fu Ming Zhu got pregnant with a married man, she was chased away from her family. She then entirely depended on Li Shu Chen. Though he gave her money, still there was a limit he could give her. Therefore she did not live in much luxury.

So when Fu Ming Zhu entered the Li family, she couldn't wait to enjoy the luxuries. She had access to money easily. She had taken away all the jewels that belonged to both Li Xi Yun's mother and grandmother. She had stored it safely for future use. When Li Shu Chen asked it, she couldn't refuse and she had no choice other than to bring it out.

Fu Ming Zhu took him to the room. Since Li Xi Yun's mother was the only child for her parents, and since she loved jewelry, they had adorned her with so many jewels. Her collection was huge. Li Shu Chen couldn't find what he was searching for in the huge collection. Fu Ming Zhu asked him what he was searching for, but Li Shu Chen did not reply. At last he found it.

Li Shu Chen found the ring he was searching. It was the ring passed on in Li Xin Yi's mothers' family for generations. It was a golden ring with a huge diamond studded in the middle. Though it looked a bit plain, it was the family's traditional ring and it was passed down from one to another.

Li Shu Chen was hundred percent sure that he can make Li Xi Yun to come see him with this. He gave a call to Li Xi Yun. Li Xi Yun was busy with her work that she did not notice her phone ringing. Li Shu Chen tried calling two more times but she did not attend the call.

He sent her a voice message, "If you want your mothers' traditional ring that is passed down for generations, which she would have wanted you to have, then better come and meet me today at 6 pm at the café." He sent an image of the ring along with this.

Li Xi Yun saw the message only after quarter of an hour. She could remember her mother wearing that ring. Her mother had let her wear it and she had talked about her family traditional ring. The ring brought back her memories. Yes her mother would have wanted her to have it.

Without hesitation she took her phone and sent a voice message, "Daddy that was not the only thing mom would have wanted me to have. She would have also wanted me to have her property, her shares in the company, her money, her jewel collection and so many more. So when you bring that all for negotiation then we can decide about meeting"

She very much wanted to have the ring. But she was not ready to be taken advantage of. She had not been able to get so many things that belonged to her mom. So she did not feel much sad about not getting the ring. She did not want to meet him at all so no matter what he brings up, she was not ready to see him.

As soon as the phone pinged, Li Shu Chen took his phone eagerly only to be disappointed. He could not believe that she would even decline this. Li Xi Yun had even asked for her mother's property and things. This girl was getting on his nerves. He did not expect her to be so stubborn. Li Xi Yun was more confident now.

Li Shu Chen told Fu Ming Zhu, "I don't think she will agree to anything. The soft methods are of no use with her. The only way to do is the hard route. She is too unruly to listen to me. She can't blame me for this. This is all because of her"

Fu Ming Zhu gave an evil laugh. Her mind has already started contemplating what to do with her, when she could get hold of her.

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