My Boss Is Scary Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Her old scars

Li Zi Yun left office and reached her small one bedroom apartment. Though it was small she felt here more at home than the Li family residence. Li Shu Chen, her father, would often threaten her to come home but since he had nothing to of value to coerce to come home, she never felt the need to go back to the prison that held both happy and sad memories for her.

She always wore clothes that completely hid her body. Her clothes mostly had full sleeves and she always wore full length pant or skirt till her ankle. She stripped her clothes and stepped naked in the shower. She looked at her nude back that was covered with scars. Her back, shoulders forearm, thighs, butt, legs had several scars. From all the 'disciplining' done by her father.

Her step mother was always more than happy to complain about her to her dad alienating her more from her family. And this always ended with her being beaten. The scars were a constant reminder for her to hate her father. The servants used to be loyal to her and supported her, but that was only until her step mother had them all fired and recruited people who obey her. To the society she was a girl who was loved by her step mother and father, but an arrogant girl who did not appreciate their kindness and lives off on her now. Very few people were aware of her real status in the family.

She traced the scars in her body. Li Zi Yun could remember the pain, abuse and humiliation she had suffered in the hands of that family. She was treated like a trash while the step daughter and step son who were spoiled brats were treated like a princess and prince. She never had a single peaceful day in the Li family house after her father remarried and that is why even though she yearned for love she left home. There was not even a single soul to comfort her and love her except for her friend Wu Li Shu.

Wu Li Shu hailed from the affluent Wu clan and she has an elder brother Wu Qing who is the CEO of Wu Enterprises. Being the only daughter in the family she was treated the way exactly opposite to that of Li Zi Yun. She was the lovely daughter that her entire family adored.

Zi Yun's happy moments were those that she spent with Li Shu, either at school or in the Wu's family home.

She stepped out of the hot shower and dried her body and wrapped her body in a towel. She lied down on the bed thinking about the interview in the afternoon. She was still thinking about the reason why her name was shortlisted for the final interview. Maybe it was a mistake!

She heard the doorbell ring. She looked through the door viewer. She heard a voice yell "How long will you make us wait!"

She yelled back "one moment" and went back to her room to dress up. No one expect Li Shu among her friends knew neither about the scars in her body nor about the true reality of her family. So she preferred dressing up fully even in front of them. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

She heard screams again "a moment has passed. Open up"

She opened the door. "Are you aware of the fact that you're a pain in the ass Chu Yan?"

Chu Yan was her friend from college. Wu Li Shu pushed her aside as she entered Zi Yun's house. "Can you stop fighting I am so tired" she fell on her couch and made herself at home.

Chu Yan answered Zi Yun "As a matter of fact I do". Grinning he entered the house. She closed the door and followed him.

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