My Boss Is Scary Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 30

When Li Xi Yun reached home after work, reality hit her. She knew she had to pay the bills and there was no source of income for her for the next three months. Her workload was increasing and she had to stay at office till night. So there was no possibility of her doing any other work in the remaining time. She was already tired from work. She searched for a list of banks from where she could obtain loans.

It was already the last week of the month and she had to pay the rent next week. And there were also the other expenses.

The whole week passed by quickly for her. Wang Yu never gave her much free time and he also let her leave the office only late at night. She barely had time to eat. Her meals were irregular and sometimes she did not eat at all.

Wang Yu gave her tasks, which were completely new to her and in the field unrelated to her. Li Xi Yun had to do a lot of research and analyze data. The time was less compared to her work load. So mostly she spent her time studying and getting to know new things. At last it was Saturday and she was free.

She had a huge task in front of her, getting a loan sanctioned. She got ready and left around the time the banks open up. She entered a bank asking for a loan. The employee checked her documents and told her there would be no problem in sanctioning a loan. The employee told her to wait for some time and went inside.

As soon as Li Xi Yun entered the bank, news was sent to Wang Yu. Wang Yu immediately contacted the bank. The employee made her wait for an hour before giving her a reply. Her loan was rejected. When she asked them for a reason they told her the documents were not proper. She told them she could get the document they want if they tell her now. But they were not ready to listen to her at all.

Li Xi Yun was disappointed. But she wanted to try in the next bank. There she was made to wait again before being rejected. They gave her the same reason. She thought of trying in one more bank before going to lunch. When her loan application was rejected in the third bank, she knew something was wrong and somebody was doing this on purpose.

With not eating anything from the morning, she went for lunch, tired. She knew it was easy to get money from her friends, but she did not want to do that. When she was eating her phone rang. It was Chu Yan.

Chu Yan asked her, "Where are you?" He had been waiting at her door. Since there was response he had tried calling her.


"Tell me where you are now. I'll come pick you up?"


"Xi Yun lets go shopping." he wanted to get a dress for her. And he thought of taking her out in the pretense of shopping.

"Chu Yan, I have some work to do. I can't come out with you today."

"Tell me where you are. I will take you wherever you want to go"

"Chu Yan, not today"

Li Xi Yun rarely answers like this. So he did not pester her.

"Ok then I will see you tomorrow." And he hanged up the call.

Li Xi Yun was not sure who was blocking her. But the only person she could think of was Li Shu Chen. He had threatened her that day, and there had been no actions up to now. So her suspicion was on him. She thought of trying again hoping some bank will accept. She step the entire afternoon and evening, but there was no positive result.

Li Xi Yun was tired after trying for the whole day. She was convinced someone was trying to make troubles for her. She thought of CEO Wang Yu. Was it him? But she found no reason why he would waste so much time on bringing trouble for her. Li Xi Yun went home disappointed, and doubtful about what to do next.

A young man hurriedly came to inform the man who was seated. "Boss something important has come up"

"What is it?" The young man replied, "Miss Li Xi Yun has been trying to get loans, but CEO Wang Yu has been controlling the banks and rejecting the request." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Why does she need money?"

"Boss, Wang Yu has stopped her salary for three months and she doesn't have money much money left in her account". The man thought for some time then he spoke, "If she is unable to get money till the last moment, somehow give her money, discreetly. She should never know it was from us".

"Yes Boss". The young man left, leaving the other man to his thoughts.

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