My Boss Is Scary Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Chapter 31

After Li Xi Yun reached home at night, her house owner called her. He informed her he had sold the house for a good price and he was now no longer the owner. She started sweating. Where can she find a house in such a short notice if the new owner asked her to vacate.

The old owner continued that the new owner had not asked the tenant, which was her to vacate. Li Xi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. She was scared for nothing. Then he informed her that the new owner expected the rent the first of every month. The first of the next month was in two days.

Li Xi Yun couldn't sleep the whole night. Even after her father abandoned her, Li Xi Yun worked part time. So she knew for certain that she would receive money. She was not a big time spender. So she had never been short on money before. She had the essential things in life and she never spent on anything uselessly. So she always had enough for her daily needs. So this situation was new to her.

Li Xi Yun cursed her father. Her life had taken a complete turn after her mother's death. Her father never visited her once in the hospital when she was admitted there after the accident. Only after coming home after a month, she came to know the reason. Her father was married once again and his father had hidden his illegitimate children for so many years and he was wanted to shower his love on his 'new family members'. She had tried hard to come to this position, relying only on herself. But here they were, trying to ruin her again.

Li Xi Yun wanted to take revenge on them for everything they had done to her. But, she had neither power nor means to do that. All that she had towards her family was hatred; she hated her father too who was the cause for all this.

In the morning, Chu Yan's call woke her up. It was Wu Li Shu's birthday, so she sent a text to her wishing her happiness. She called Chu Yan after sending her a text.

Chu Yan yelled "Open the door".

When she opened the door Chu Yan was waiting outside. "Li Xi Yun, why aren't you ready yet?"

As far as Li Xi Yun knew Wu Li Shu's birthday party was in the evening at her place. Why did she have to get ready now?

"Chu Yan, are you drunk, its only morning."

"I called you for shopping yesterday and since you did not come I told you we can go out today. Forgot about that?"

It had completely slipped out of her mind, when she was busy with the other work.

He pushed her to get ready. And they left the house soon. Chu Yan asked her, "Where were you yesterday?"

"I had to take care of something. Where are we going now?"

He just smiled without giving a reply. Li Xi Yun was in her own thoughts so she did not bother asking him again.

"Chu Yan, can you…." she started speaking but she couldn't complete the sentence, can you lend me some money.

"What?" Chu Yan looked at her.

"Nothing…." No she had to find another way.

Chu Yan understood something was bothering her. He looked into her eyes and asked her, "Do you have something to ask me? If so, say it out, I can't read your mind"

"No its nothing" Li Xi Yun looked away. "Li Xi Yun, look at me, if something is bothering you, you can tell it to me. You don't have to go through everything on your own."

She smiled at him. She decided she would ask him if she couldn't do anything by tonight. He asked her to try out the dress she likes. Li Xi Yun refused, and then he called the staffs present there to help her dress up. Only after that Li Xi Yun agreed. She chose a black evening gown, with a perfect fitting which showed her curves. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Chu Yan had never seen her like this and she looked gorgeous in that black dress.

He told her, "Xi Yun, if you wear this to the party, the spot light will definitely be on you and not on Wu Li Shu".

Li Xi Yun replied, "Yes and that is the reason why I don't need this dress"

"No and that is why you have wear this dress. What better day to irritate to Wu Li Shu than on her birthday"

"Chu Yan do you know you are weird"

"Yes I know"

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