My Boss Is Scary Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32

Chu Yan dropped her home and said he will pick her up later. Li Xi Yun got ready in the evening. She wore the black dress Chu Yan had got for her and she wore very little makeup. She was waiting for Chu Yan, but he was late. He called and informed her he will be a bit late. So she told him she will come by herself.

Li Xi Yun called for a cab and was waiting outside her apartment for its arrival. When she was waiting she saw an old man collapse at some distance from her. She ran to help the old man since no one else was around him to help him. He was clutching his heart and lying on the ground. He looked a bit like a foreigner and she had never seen the old man in her neighborhood.

Li Xi Yun was about to call the ambulance, when the cab arrived. With the cab drivers help, she took him to the cab and went to hospital. The old man's mobile was with her as they took him to ER. Since the man was taken to ER, she waited outside since there was no one else and she wanted to inform his family before she left the place.

She was getting late to the party. She was not much fond of parties or hospitals. She goes to both only when she has no other choice. She wanted to inform the old man's family but did not know how to contact them. Luckily after some time the old man's phone rang.

She told the person on the opposite side, that the man had fainted and he was currently in hospital. He begged her to stay there till he arrives there. Li Xi couldn't say no and she assured him she will be waiting there and the old man was not in a critical condition. She waited patiently till the man arrived. Chu Yan called her to know her whereabouts. She informed him she would be there soon.

At last the man arrived. Li Xi Yun had been waiting there for an hour. The man was a foreigner and he had come with his assistant. She informed the man about what happened. The doctors came out exactly at that time, and told that the elderly man would have been in danger if Li Xi Yun hadn't brought him here on time.

The man who arrived just now informed her that the elderly man Li Xi Yun admitted in hospital was Mr. Williamson, and he was his son. They were the manufacturers of famous mobile brand in X country. He thanked her for her timely help in saving her father and he said he wanted to do something for her for saving his father. He handed a check for a million dollars. Li Xi Yun couldn't say a word and was shocked..

At last she managed to say, "Sir, thank you but I don't want to accept this. I did not do this expecting something in return and I have a party to return to. So take care of him. Bye"

Li Xi Yun started walking, wanting to leave this place as soon as possible. The assistant chased behind her and shoved the cheque in her hands saying that his master really wanted her to have it. Then he went away quickly before she could reply nor give the cheque back to him.

She stood in the same place for a minute forgetting she was still in the hospital. This cheque meant she could live comfortably for the next few months even without salary. Since it was given to her for something she had done, she thought of accepting the money gratefully. She stood there with a huge smile on her face. Her phone rang and it was Chu Yan waiting for her outside.

When Li Xi Yun got inside the car, she looked very happy which was completely different from her morning mood. And he knew that Li Xi Yun hated visiting hospitals. So he found it odd that she came out smiling from the hospital. They left to Wu Residence where the party was held.

Wang Yu had seen Li Xi Yun suffering the before day and he was in quite a good mood. He arrived to Wu Li Shu's birthday party early along with his fiancée Huang Nian. He did not want to go through the trouble of finding a partner for parties. So he usually called his fiancée out occasionally as his companion for parties. Though Huang Nian knew that Wang Yu had no interest in her, she came out with him whenever he called her and she was always ready to pose with him for the media. Huang Nian did not feel insecure yet because she knew that he had no other women in his life till now. So she did not mind him not being bothered about her.

Wang Yu attended the party only on the insistence of Wu Qing and also he did not wish to stay long with Huang Nian, who mostly followed him around. He knew Li Di Yun would definitely come here and he was waiting to see her sad face. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Somewhere a young man came to inform the other man seated in the room, "Boss a cheque was given to Miss Li Xi Yun. It was done discreetly and she had no idea"

"Hmm…" the man nodded his head.

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