My Boss Is Scary Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Chapter 33

At last Li Xi Yun arrived, she was holding onto Chu Yan's arms as they made an entry. Li Xi Yun felt shy as everyone was looking at her when she entered. She felt so awkward standing there with so many people looking at her in awe. She was whispering to Chu Yan,"Walk fast, will you?" Chu Yan made no attempt to listen to her and he walked slowly. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" he escorted her inside.

Li Xi Yun looked simple, elegant and pretty in that black dress, which got her a lot of looks from the crowd. Li Xi Yun felt uncomfortable with people looking at her like that. Though she was used to people in the company staring at her, which was mostly in hatred, this was different. Many people were wondering who this woman with Chu Yan was. Since Chu Yan was the son of the president of the country he was quite well known among the people.

When Li Xi Yun saw Wu Li Shu, she hugged her and wished her for her birthday. Wu Li Shu's mouth was wide open seeing Li Xi Yun as she looked so beautiful and the black dress was a contrast to her skin and added a glow to her.

"You're so sexy and gorgeous Xi Yun" Wu Li Shu exclaimed looking at her. Chu Yan asked her, "Now are you jealous Li Shu? Don't you think Xi Yun is trying to steal your spotlight on purpose?"

"Shut up Chu Yan. My friend is always pretty. Get lost" saying so Wu Li Shu dragged away Li Xi Yun to her parents. Wu Li Shu's parents Mr and Mrs.Wu treated her well and took care of her and were interested in her welfare unlike her father. So Li Xi Yun was always happy to spend time with them.

Wang Yu was looking at Li Xi Yun intently. The look in her face was nothing of sadness. She was looking happy and her was facing was shining. Unlike the other women in the party she hadn't taken much effort to make herself stand out in the crowd and look pretty. But she was gorgeous none the less. And her elegance and simplicity was enough to make everyone look at her. Wang Yu forgot for a minute why he wanted to see Li Xi Yun.

Wang Yu was in doubt if Li Xi Yun was really worried about her financial status. He knew that Chu Yan bought the dress for her, and she was in a pretty worried about not having money. He thought of dealing with her the next day. Wang Yu no longer wanted to stay at the party.

Huang Nian was complaining to him, "Brother Yu did you see the girl who entered with Chu Yan. I don't know why everyone is fawning over her. She did not even look pretty nor does she have a perfect body figure. All men have gone blind I think". Wang Yu looked at her from top to bottom. He gave her a mocking look and left quietly. Since Wang Yu left Huang Nian had no option left other than to follow him out. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Wu Li Shu's parents were happy to see Li Xi Yun after a long time. She greeted them as soon as she saw them. After speaking with them she spoke to Wu Qing and very few other people whom she knew. With the financial issues that have been nagging her for the past week finally over, she was relieved. The one thing weighing down on her mind had ended at last.

She did not drink much or interact with the other people a lot. But Li Xi Yun was the topic of discussion for lots of people. Many recognized her from the video where she slapped her sister. But Li Xi Yun was not bothered by any of them.

Chu Yan used her as a shield when other women whom he did not like tried to approach him. So rumors started floating around that Li Xi Yun was Chu Yan's girlfriend and Chu Yan made no effort to correct them. He was happy as long as the girls left him alone. Some people were wishing the couple luck while some girls looked at her with jealous eyes. Li Xi Yun tried to correct them, but to no avail. No one was ready to believe her.

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