My Boss Is Scary Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Chapter 34

Li Xi Yun cashed the cheque before going to work. She thought of transferring over the months' rent to the new owner after she reached office. Wang Yu was waiting in the office for her to come to work. He had ordered Assistant Liu Guang to ask Li Xi Yun to come to his office as soon as she came to work.

Since Li Xi Yun went to the party the before day night with the President's son, her photos were found all over the internet. Many people had identified her from the slapping incident. So now the news had turned from 'the mysterious woman with CEO Chu Yan' to , 'The eldest Miss of Li family attended a party with Chu Yan, the CEO of Chu Enterprises.' Li Xi Yun had seen the news, but since she had no control over it, she took the metro as usual and came to work. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

When Huang Nian, Wang Yu's fiancée saw the news, she was complaining how come a nobody like Li Xi Yun could be highlighted in a party in which she attended with CEO Wang Yu. Since Wang Yu took her out only occasionally she dolled up well whenever she went with him, so that she will be the centre of attention in the party. She was barely mentioned while Li Xi Yun became the topic of discussion.

Li Xin Yi was yelling to her mother Fu Ming Zhu. The tile of Eldest Miss of Li family being added to Li Xi Yun's name infuriated her so much. Most of the people had forgotten about the fact that Li Xi Yun was the first daughter, so Li Xin Yi had been introducing herself as the eldest daughter so long. Since Li Xi Yun's mother died before fourteen years, not much people knew about the true history of the family. So what Li Xin Yi and her mother Fu Ming Zhu told others were considered as the truth since there was no other information to be compared with.

Now Fu Ming Zhu was considered as an elite lady, since many years had passed since she became the wife of Li Shu Chen. But still she was ignored by the people who knew the truth about her and people who considered her as a home wrecker. Since those people did not spread rumors and only gossiped among themselves, Fu Ming Zhu did not lose face much nowadays. But with the news about Li Xi Yun spreading around, both mother and daughter were getting nervous.

In the office many people greeted Li Xi Yun. This was new to her and she couldn't understand what made them change suddenly. After seeing Li Xi Yun everyday in some plain loose clothes covering herself from top to bottom, her appearance in the party had made many people look at her in a different light. Now many people thought that she was not interested in the CEO, and even though she was pretty she was not trying to impress him and other woman thought she was Chu Yan's girlfriend so she definitely wouldn't have had to try dirty means to get the position of personal secretary of CEO Wang Yu.

Li Xi Yun smiled and greeted them and she went up to the office. In a single day, her entire reputation had changed in the company. She was not sure if it's good or bad. When she entered the fiftieth floor Assistant Liu Guang was waiting for her. He informed her CEO Wang Yu has been waiting for her for a long time. She knew for sure that he will yell at her for some reason. Will it be for going to a party this time?

She entered the CEO Wang Yu's office. He looked at her. She was neither glum nor had a dejected look on her face. Did she solve her financial issue?

Before Wang Yu could speak a word to her, Assistant Liu Guang entered the room hurriedly and gave a file to him, saying it was something important. Wang Yu opened the file and saw Li Xi Yun had a million dollars in her account. So this means she will pay the rent today and also she doesn't have to worry about her not being given salary for the next three months. He looked up from the file and turned his attention towards Li Xi Yun. He never thought she would ask her friends or family for money. Then how the hell did she get so much money in such a short time. Returning the file to Assistant Liu Guang he asked him to find out what happened.

Li Xi Yun could feel his eyes scrutinizing her. Wang Yu told her to do her work and come early from tomorrow. She heaved a sigh of relief and left the room. After she left the room she could hear something breaking in the CEO's office, but she did not want to go inside and check up what happened inside. The first task she did after coming to her desk was to transfer her rent.

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