My Boss Is Scary Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

For a week, Li Xi Yun has been trying to find out who was the one that spoke about her to the media. Since this was a task given to her by CEO Wang Yu, she wanted to complete it. Because she never knew when he will turn insane and yell at her. She had tracked down the reporter who spoke to the person from her company. The reporter informed her that it was a women and he had no idea who she was and knew nothing about her except the id from which she sent him a text.

She had gotten the help of IT department to help track down the id, but there has been no result yet. She was waiting for it. The IT department informed her that they had found the woman she was searching for and asked her to come and get the details.

She rushed down and checked the information they provided her. The woman was Gao Hui and she was one among the five candidates who had the possibility of becoming the secretary of CEO Wang Yu. Li Xi Yun understood it was a pretty small issue and it was not necessary to spend so much time on it. She had bought up this incident only because she wanted to avoid talking about her in the CEO's room and divert the topic. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li Xi Yun took up the report to CEO Wang Yu. She hesitated a bit before entering his office. But if she did not give the report to him, then he will turn his attention towards her, so she gave it to him. He looked at the report and then he called in Assistant Liu Guang and asked him to call Gao Hui.

Assistant Liu Guang asked Gao Hui to come up to the fiftieth floor. The normal employees were called to the CEO's office only for two reasons, either to be promoted or to be fired. Since Gao Hui was interviewed for the personal secretary position she was quite confident about being called up to the CEO's office. Gao Hui was pretty excited about being called to the CEO's office. All kinds of thought were running in her mind (everything optimistic). She went up delightfully. She was speculating about the various reasons why CEO Wang Yu would have called her, did the CEO call her to replace Li Xi Yun as his new Personal Secretary or was she being promoted or was it something else.

Gao Hui entered CEO Wang Yu's office with a smiling face. Li Xi Yun was standing there quiet, almost feeling guilty that what was happening now was because of her. Gao Hui looked at Li Xi Yun. Seeing Li Xi Yun stand there quiet awkwardly, Gao Hui gained more confidence. She was the most likely candidate to become the personal secretary of CEO Wang Yu and after the interview she was convinced she would get the job. But it came as a surprise to everyone when Li Xi Yun who has been in the company for only three months got the position. So Gao Hui was jealous of Li Xi Yun and hated her for getting the position easily. So she sent a text message to the reporter just to defame her.

"CEO Wang, you called me?" Gao Hui was looking at CEO Wang Yu, but he did not look at her. Li Xi Yun looked at Gao Hui's face. Gao Hui was giving her a mocking look. Wang Yu signaled Assistant Liu Guang to tell her what's going on.

Assistant Liu Guang started speaking, "Miss Gao Hui, do you remember the terms of your contract that you signed when you entered the company?"

"Yes I remember it very well"

Liu Guang passed the news article to her, then he asked her, "Then why did you speak to a reporter about the Personal Secretary of CEO Wang Yu?"

She never once imagined she would be called to the CEO's office because of sending a text to the reporter. She was not ready to accept that the blame and lose her career. She went for the other option of denying it till the end.

"No I did not speak to any reporter Assistant Guang. I would never do such a thing" She gave an innocent look.

"Miss Gao Hui its better if you accept your mistake. And we are sure it was you who did it"

"No someone must be trying to frame me. I never spoke to any reporter." she was pleading.

Wang Yu cleared his throat. "Miss Gao Hui, Secretary Li Xi Yun was kind enough to point out that you have breached your contract. And Secretary Li Xi Yun" he looked at Li Xi Yun with a satisfied look after throwing her under the bus, " why don't you show Miss Gao Hui all the information you have gathered regarding this and also the proof that it was her who spoke ill about you to media which you tried hard to find out"

Li Xi Yun was dumbfounded. She did not expect that CEO Wang Yu will make her the bad guy here. Gao Hui was staring at Li Xi Yun, ready to kill her any moment.

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