My Boss Is Scary Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Chapter 36

CEO Wang Yu was sitting there with a calm face. Li Xi Yun handed to Gao Hui the file.

CEO Wang Yu then spoke to Li Xi Yun, "Secretary Li Xi Yun, our company's reputation was spoiled along with your good name. As the person who was hurt by this, how would you like to settle it?" Li Xi Yun couldn't believe her ears. Was CEO Wang Yu trying to get killed in Gao Hui's hands?

Gao Hui almost jumped on Li Xi Yun but Liu Guang caught her.

"I'll leave it to the company"

Gao Hui was yelling, "Don't you dare act high and mighty bitch after doing such a cheap thing behind my back"

Li Xi Yun no longer wished to stay in the room and was not willing to answer her, "I'll take my leave first", saying so she left the room quickly. Assistant Liu Guang then said to Gao Hui, "Miss Gao Hui, for the breach of contract, you are fired and you will have to pay the fine mentioned in your contract".

"No….. Please. I have worked so hard in the company for so many years, CEO Wang. You cannot do this to me. Please give me one more chance. I don't want to leave the company"

All those words fell on deaf ears, "Yes we can. Get now right now" Wang Yu yelled at her. Gao Hui ran out crying. Li Xi Yun was waiting outside, feeling a bit guilty.

What Li Xi Yun did not know was….. When CEO Wang Yu saw the news the before week, he had found out who was the employee who contacted the reporter and was ready to fire her. Wang Yu wanted to deal with Li Xi Yun first before doing the other work. So when Li Xi Yun had brought up this topic, he had assigned this work to her and waited till she brought the report on Gao Hui. And when he fired Gao Hui he shifted the blame on Li Xi Yun bringing a bad reputation to her name and it also led to Gao Hui having a grudge on Li Xi Yun.

When Gao Hui came out of the CEO's office, she saw Li Xi Yun sitting on her desk with the name plate before her and written in golden letters were the words Personal Secretary.

Seeing Gao Hui rush towards her, Li Xi Yun stood up from her seat. As soon as Gao Hui reached her, she pushed Li Xi Yun down causing Li Xi Yun to fall back on her chair.

"Why did you do this bitch?" Gao Hui was yelling at the top of her voice, unable to control her anger.

"Listen, I am sorry. But it was who you spoke to the reporter and brought this upon yourself. Nothing like this would have happened if you had not gone against the company rules. So think about what you did before yelling to me" thought Li Xi Yun was feeling a bit guilty but she was not ready to take her crap.

Assistant Liu Guang came out of the office hearing the noise. He immediately called the security and asked them to send Gao Hui out. When they were dragging Gao Hui out, she yelled at Li Xi Yun, "I will make you regret what you did" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li XI Yun sighed and continued her work. But since Gao Hui was fired, she did not heed to her warning. Gao Hui had yelled and made a scene in the company before she was taken out. So yelled loud enough to let everyone know that Li Xi Yun was responsible for her getting sacked.

Meng Sen Xi was planning to propose to Li Xi Yun. He wanted to try dating her like a normal man and also tell the truth about him. He had told her several times that he likes her, but she since he was always joking around her, she did not take it seriously. So now he wanted to try with flowers and balloons and everything and try in a serious manner. So he sent a text message to Li Xi Yun asking her to meet him after she leaves the office.

Li Shu Chen had tried calling Li Xi Yun and even tried threatening her but to no avail. Li Xi Yun would not budge. Li Shu Chen could not accept the fact that now she was going against him. Since she would not come willingly, he thought of bringing her to him and teaching the unfilial child a lesson. He was not going to give up on her so easily. Li Shu Chen ordered a few of his men to kidnap Li Xi Yun and bring her to him. He wanted how see how she will disobey him when she is under his control.

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