My Boss Is Scary Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 37

Wang Yu made Li Xi Yun work overtime again. She sent a text message to Meng Sen Xi informing him she will be getting off work late and asked him whether they can meet tomorrow. But Meng Sen Xi had planned everything and he was not ready to wait for another day. So he told her he would wait for her.

Li Xi Yun was totally drained when she started from the office. It had been a hectic day for her and she did not have time to even eat lunch. CEO Wang Yu had made her visit almost all the departments and she was going up and down the whole day. Many people who wanted to make her work difficult had been redirecting her to the other departments making her do extra work. After walking in those heels the whole day, her legs were killing her.

The place Meng Sen Xi had asked her to come was not far from her office. So she called a cab and was waiting for it. She was waiting in front of her office and there was still lot of people there. The employees couldn't leave before the CEO left from the office. So it was crowded. She was waiting for the cab.

The cab driver called her and said he waiting for her, but she couldn't find any cab near her. He informed her he was standing a particular location a block away from her building. She did not wish to wait long so she thought of walking to the next block. As she was walking she noticed that some men were following her. She started walking fast towards the cab and the men following her also started walking fast.

The men who were following her caught up to her and approached her. The man in the front told her if she was willing to come with them quietly they would take her away without harming her if not she will taken away by force. Either way she will going with them.

Li Xi Yun started panicking. "Who… who... sent you?" she was sweating profusely. She was already tired from running around the whole day and combined with not eating properly, she had no strength to even stand properly. This situation had made her legs shiver and she found it hard to stand straight. For every step Li Xi Yun moved behind, the guys took a step towards her. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Don't come near me… who are you??? What ….what…do you want" she was stammering. She looked around and it was not much crowded. There were four men who were ready to kidnap her and all of them looked strong. She knew she couldn't overpower them, she was weak and they were too strong for her. She wanted to escape but she could not think of a way. The lack of food and rest had dimmed her wits.

The man repeated, "Miss come with us quietly. If you are willing or not anyway we are taking you with us, so it's better if you come with us. It was Li Shu Chen your father who wanted us to bring you to him. Come with us quietly, and then we will not harm you. Don't make it difficult for us"

So it was her father. He had stooped to this level to make her see him. She would have met him every time he wanted if he had showered her with love at least once after her mother died or if he had taken care of her but he did not love her and only wanted to make use of her. She knew if she went with them then she will taken to the Li family residence and with that her life will be over. She has to live there like a slave under them.

She tried to calm herself. She said the man, "Lead the way, I will come to Li family residence with you". Two men walked by the side of her while two walked behind her. She was waiting for the opportunity to run away from them. She felt a sudden pang of pain in her stomach as she was walking.

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