My Boss Is Scary Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Chapter 38

Li Xi Yun clutched her stomach and stood there without moving and waited for the pain to subside. She looked a bit pale. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

The man who looked like the leader told her, "We don't have time to waste. If you're weak, we don't mind carrying you to the car"

"No ….. Don't touch me… I can walk by myself"

Seeing that she was obediently following them, they laxed a bit. Li Xi Yun walked a bit slow but she did not show any sign of escape. They took her to the area where they parked the car. Only one man was by her side while the other three went to the opposite side of the car. This was the chance she was waiting for.

She pretended to get inside the car and then took off from that place. The men were shocked for a minute not sure what to do and then they started running behind her. Li Xi Yun felt the adrenaline rushing through her and she ran as fast as she could. But the heels were slowing her down. The men were chasing her and almost caught up with her.

When turning towards the right she slipped and fell down because of her heels. So she ditched her heels and before she should run the men caught up with her. She threw the heels in their face causing them to slow down a bit and she started running with bare foot. She was so much quicker now and put some distance between them.

She quickly hid behind a tree and waited till they crossed her. Meng Sen Xi had been waiting for Li Xi Yun sometime now and hadn't shown up, so he called her after waiting for a long time. Li Xi Yun received his call just as she was about to call Chu Yan. He was the only person whom she could call for help. But since time was less and she did not know when they will find her hiding there.

She attended the call. Meng Sen Xi started speaking, "Li Xi Yun did you forget..."

Before Meng Sen Xi could finish speaking Li Xi Yun whispered in the mobile, scared "Meng Sen Xi, save me... Some people are… trying to… kidnap me…" she was heaving for breath. Meng Sen Xi could hear her taking deep breaths. He understood Li Xi Yun was in trouble.

He did not hesitate and he asked her, "Where are you?"

Li Xi Yun did not know the exact location. She could only tell him that she was at some distance from the company and told him she was now standing opposite to H mall. Meng Sen Xi immediately got into the car with his men.

The men sent by Li Shu Chen couldn't locate Li Xi Yun. She was running so fast that they lost track of her. Li Shu Chen called them to ask if they have completed the mission. When he came to know that they let her escape, he was yelling in rage. He warned them if they don't bring her back then they will definitely be dead.

Li Xi Yun noticed the men come towards the side where she was hiding. She started panicking. She had no energy left to run and her stomach and legs were hurting so much. "Sen Xi, I'm scared… They are almost near me… Come quick please." Meng Sen Xi was trying to calm her down. "I will not let anything happen to you. I will be there soon. Just hold on till I come to get you"

Meng Sen Xi was yelling to his man to drive fast. One of the man sent by Li Shu Chen found Li Xi Yun hiding behind the tree. Seeing that she was spotted she started running. Her mobile fell down on the ground and crashed, but she had no time to pick it up. She ran as fast as she could.

Meng Sen Xi got no reply from the other side and the call was cut off. He tried calling again but the call did not get connected. Li Xi Yun's breathing was ragged and her chest was heaving. She turned left in the road and her legs gave away. Running without shoes in the road was hard and the sole of her feet were covered with splinters and prick wounds and it was bleeding. She had no more strength left in her body. She did not want to run anymore. She couldn't control the tears in her eyes as she was waiting for the men to drag her to the place she never wanted to return to.

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