My Boss Is Scary Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Chapter 39

Li Xi Yun searched for her mobile and then remembered she had dropped it. Her legs were hurting so much that she did not want to move. Tears were flowing silently.

Meng Sen Xi tried calling her mobile but he couldn't reach her. His car was racing in the road and he reached H mall as quick as he could. But Li Xi Yun was not there behind the tree, the place where she said she was hiding. Only her mobile phone was lying on the ground. Meng Sen Xi felt discouraged and his mind was racing with horrible thoughts.

He tried calling out her name. He looked around but there was no trace of her. At last he found her sitting on the ground. Li Xi Yun was shivering. She was waiting for them to come and get her but they never came. Since she had no strength to move she had stayed there. But the fright was too much for her and her tears did not stop.

Li Xi Yun was relieved only when she saw Meng Sen Xi. She tried to get up from the ground, but she couldn't lift her feet. Meng Sen Xi rushed towards Li Xi Yun and held her face in his arms. He saw her tear stained face. Li Xi Yun was unable to form words to speak out loud. Seeing that Meng Sen Xi was with Li Xi Yun, his men did not approach them. They called and informed him there was no one else around.

Li Xi Yun lied on his chest and cried loudly. Meng Sen Xi was patting her shoulders soothingly trying to calm her down. He was whispering in her ears, "I am sorry that I did not come sooner". He was puzzled to find no one around. Where did those men disappear and why did they suddenly leave? Was it because they saw him?

When Li Xi Yun had stopped shivering he asked her, "Can we go home?" Li Xi Yun could only nod her head.

"Will you able to walk?"

Li Xi Yun tried to get up, but her legs were wobbly and couldn't support her. He stopped her and lifted her from the ground and walked to the car. He saw that she was bare footed and her legs were bleeding and her right foot was swollen slightly.

Meng Sen Xi held Li Xi Yun close to him and they were seated in the back seat of the car; Li Xi Yun was leaning on his shoulders. She had passed out from fatigue. Meng Sen Xi looked at her foot and there were lots of splinters and deep wounds. He asked the driver to take them to the hospital.

Meng Sen Xi made a call to his assistant, "In one hour I need to know what happened to Li Xi Yun and who tried to kidnap her". He looked at Li Xi Yun's face, she looked tired and completely worn out. He couldn't figure out who would try to kidnap her.

Li Shu Chen was waiting for the men to bring Li Xi Yun but he couldn't contact them. He tried calling them again and again and ended up being frustrated. He tried calling Li Xi Yun but couldn't reach her too.

The young man informed his Boss, "Boss the men who were trying to kidnap Miss Li Xi Yun were captured and we were careful to not leave any trace. Those men had been following Li Shu Chen's orders"

"Did they touch her or try to force her to come with them?"

"No Boss, but they chased her for some distance and Miss Li Xi Yun's legs were wounded"

"Break their legs and tear the skin off their feet before killing them. And" The man in charge looked at the young man's eyes and said, "Go and receive punishment. You and all the other men who were unable to save her sooner and let her get injured."

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The Boss was thinking about what to do with Li Shu Chen. He was crossing limits and doing things he shouldn't be doing.

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