My Boss Is Scary Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Wang Yus Personal Secretary Li Zi Yun

Zi Yun sat on the couch opposite to them.

"Guys you need to get a life and stop bothering me. I returned home only before an hour after working hard a whole day and now I have to deal with you guys. Don't you feel any pity for me?" Li Zi Yun continued rambling.

"Will you stop talking for a minute Zi Yun?" Li Shu threw the pillow aiming her.

Zi Yun continued "Seriously I don't understand why would the son of the President of the country and the daughter of a millionaire come here and bother me often in my small home"

"Simple that is because we love you" replied Wu Li Shu smiling at her sweetly. "Oh Stop it" she threw the pillow back at her.

Chu Yan turned towards her and asked "Then why don't you explain to me why the daughter of a millionaire would be living in such a small apartment and working her ass off in some other company?"

"Because unlike you, Chu Yan, I have to earn my own living. So better stop irritating me now"

Before she could continue lashing her phone rang. Li Shu passed her phone to her.

After saying Hello, only the sounds hmm and okay followed until she hanged the call and sat there still with a blank expression after hanging up. They were curious to know who it was.

She looked at them and asked, "Do you think it's an easy task to become the Personal Secretary of Wang Yu?"

"Nope he's too picky" both Chu Yan and Li Shu were sure of this.

"Then is it even possible that he would select someone who has been in the company for only 3 months?"

"No he won't! Wait! Don't tell me you're his PA now!"

Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu had both known Wang Yu ever since they were children. Chu Yan's mother and Wang Yu's mothers were childhood friends and he had seen him ever since. Wu Li Shu's elder brother is Wang Yu's longtime friend. So she also was quite aware about him.

Chu Yan was thinking seriously about it. The only way this could happen was if Zi Yun had caught Wang Yu's attention somehow. She was selected either because he likes her or she was on the wrong page of his book. The Wang Yu he knew would never select someone so inexperienced in an important position. He was a bit concerned about her now.

Li Zi Yun was pretty tall at 173 cm with a thin waistline and she was more on the pretty side than cute side. The wavy waist length hair was an added feature. Though she had a great body and a pretty face, she always wore clothes that did not highlight her body structure and preferred having a plain look.

"Hello!" she snapped her fingers in front of Chu Yan trying to gain his attention. "Stop zoning out, what are you thinking about?"

He faced her and asked her in a serious tone "Have you crossed paths with him anytime?"

Li Zi Yun answered him coolly" Ya I slept with him once any problem?"

"Hey I am being serious here. Tell me "

"Ok I haven't slept with him. Happy?"

Chu Yan was losing his patience" Zi Yun stop joking"

Li Shu threw the pillow at him" Relax. Stop being so serious. She has only been promoted in her job. Why do you make such a big fuss about it? And please order something to eat, I am dying of hunger"

"Zi Yun"


"Be careful around him"

"Guys stop your drama I'm hungry"

"Hmm" Zi Yun did not put much thought into it and ordered food for them. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

They had dinner in Zi Yun's place and Chu Yan left the place after sometime while Li Shu was adamant to leave saying she was tired and she is not get ready to move her body and chose to sleep there.

Zi Yun also slept wondering what the next day had in hold for her.

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