My Boss Is Scary Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 40

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were standing at the door of Li Xi Yun's house, ringing the doorbell. But there was no sign of any response. Both of them tried contacting her, but couldn't reach her. They tried calling her every five minutes but the only answer they got was her mobile was switched off. Li Xi Yun was a person who did not have many friends and her routine life was going to work and returning home. It was usually them who dragged her out of the house. Wu Li Shu knew the pass code to Li Xi Yun's house. So they typed the pass code and they entered her house. But there was no one inside. They thought of staying there and wait for her to come home. An hour passed and she hadn't come home.

The clock struck midnight but Li Xi Yun still hasn't returned. Wu Li Shu started getting nervous. Though she did not want to be pessimistic she couldn't help but think something bad might have happened to Li Xi Yun. Li Xi Yun had told her about her conversation with her father Li Shu Chen and Wu Li Shu had a bad feeling about it. Though Li Xi Yun had said it straight to their face that she doesn't want anything to do with the Li family, they always bothered her when they had some use of her. Wu Li Shu couldn't decide whether she should tell this to Chu Yan. Because it was something Li Xi Yun had not shared with others and she was not sure if she should tell it to Chu Yan.

Wu Li Shu thought of asking Wang Yu whether Li Xi Yun had left the office. So she called the number she had never called before. Wang Yu was confused when he saw Wu Li Shu calling him. They had only exchanged greetings before and they had never spoken other than that. Wu Qing had given Wang Yu's number to his sister to contact in times of emergency and vice versa. Wu Li Shu did not want to speak to him. But she had no other way of contacting Li Xi Yun.

"Brother Wang. This is Wu Li Shu. Sorry for disturbing you"

"What's the matter?" Wang Yu could think of no reason why Wu Li Shu would call him in the middle of the night.

"Brother Wang, is Li Xi Yun with you?"

"No" Why would Li Xi Yun be with him at midnight. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Did she leave with you?"

"No. Why are you asking all these to me?"

"Li Xi Yun hasn't returned home and we haven't been able to contact her"

When Wang Yu left his office and he crossed the building he saw from his car that Li Xi Yun was waiting in front of the building. If Wu Li Shu called him at this time of the night it must really be something serious. Did something happen to Li Xi Yun.

He replied, "I saw her waiting at the front of the office building when I left." Wu Li Shu thanked him and hanged up the call and told Chu Yan that Li Xi Yun had left the office.

Chu Yan asked Wu Li Shu to wait till morning. And if they can't find her then they can inform the police. Though Chu Yan said this to Wu Li Shu he had asked his men to track down Li Xi Yun's mobile and he had sent men to her company to search for her.

The next day morning, CEO Wang Yu came late to his office. His employees greeted him and he went up to the fiftieth floor. There was no sign of Li Xi Yun and her desk was unoccupied. Only Yi Yao and Luo Zhi, Li Xi Yun's assistants were standing there. Wang Yu remembered his late night call with Wu Li Shu. Then has Li Xi Yun been missing from last night. He asked Assistant Liu Guang to find out Li Xi Yun's whereabouts and report to him immediately.

Li Xi Yun woke up to find that her entire body was aching. Her feet were heavily bandaged and she was not in her bed. She looked around and saw that she was in a hospital. She remembered what happened yesterday night and how she was chased by those men. The last thing she could remember was seeing Meng Sen Xi. She looked at the clock. It was 3.40 pm. She had slept for a long time.

Meng Sen Xi was reading a book sitting next to her. Seeing that she has woken up he came near her. Li Xi Yun remembered crying her eyes out yesterday. She was so embarrassed to face him.

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