My Boss Is Scary Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 41

Li Xi Yun was scared when those men were chasing her. The thought of returning to that place was a nightmare to her. In a fortnight her home had turned from heaven to hell. So she tried as much as she can when she attempted to escape from them. But since everything was in the past now the last nights events of crying and hugging made her feel embarrassed. She remembered weeping loudly holding onto Meng Sen Xi out in public.

Li Xi Yun's eyes were tightly closed and she did not move. She did not want to face Meng Sen Xi now.

Meng Sen Xi suddenly placed his hands on her face. The unexpected action caused her to open her eyes swiftly.

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"No it doesn't. Help me up"

Only then she realized she did not go to work today. "Where is my phone?" it was almost evening and hadn't informed Assistant Liu Guang. CEO Wang Yu will definitely kill her.

Meng Sen Xi showed her the broken phone. He had already gotten her a new one, but he thought of giving it to her when she returns home. He did not want other people to disturb her and steal the time he wanted to spend with her.

Li Xi Yun knew she could nothing with that broken phone as of now. So he turned her attention to other important things. Every part of her was aching after sitting up.

"Sen Xi, can we go somewhere to eat? I'm hungry" She was starving after not having eaten an entire day. She did not want to eat the hospital food, but she did not want to move either.

"You are staying in the hospital till they remove the bandages and you will eat what the doctor has recommended for you to eat." The one month she had stayed in the hospital after the accident was one of the worst times of her life. She was informed of her mother and grandparents death when she woke after a few days after the accident. The only people who had come to visit her were Wu Li Shu's family. Her father Li Shu Chen never came to see her even once.

Li Xi Yun had lost all the people whom she loved on that day. There was no one to neither console her nor take care of her. Every night she had nightmares about falling deep into the lake, sinking under the water along with her mother and grandparents. But no one knew what she was going through. She had to keep everything within herself. Staying in the hospital brought back those memories which she wanted to forget. She hated the fact that she was in the hospital now. She could not wait to get discharged and leave this place.

Li Xi Yun asked Meng Sen Xi, "How long do I have to stay here?"

"At least a week"

"No I want to be discharged now". Her stomach was aching again.

"No you are not going anyway until your injuries are healed" Meng Sen Xi was adamant and he did not want her to leave his side.

Li Xi Yun stomach was hurting so badly that she was clutching it very tightly.

Meng Sen Xi was worried. "Wait I'll call the doctor."

Li Xi Yun caught his hand, "there is no need to call the doctor. I'm hungry; get me something to eat first"

Meng Sen Xi had already gotten food ready for her, in case she is hungry when she wakes up. He served her the porridge. Li Xi Yun did not speak a word until she finished eating.

Li Xi Yun tried moving her legs, running for some distance had gotten her legs cramped and her right foot was sprained. Though the sole of her feet was covered with bandages she did not feel much pain in those areas, so she was sure that she could get discharged now.

Assistant Liu Guang informed CEO Wang Yu that Li Xi Yun had been admitted in the hospital at night and she hasn't woken up yet.

Meng Sen Xi has asked his men to find out what had happened to the men who followed Li Xi Yun. They had hacked the traffic cameras and they had found the men chasing her. But after turning a certain left those men had disappeared. They could find nothing after that. It looked like someone had deliberately deleted the video but they did not know who did that.

Liu Guang also found the same information which he informed CEO Wang Yu. They knew it was Li Shu Chen who had sent those men, but they had no idea what happened to them after that.

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