My Boss Is Scary Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 42

Li Shu Chen had lost contact with the men whom he had sent to kidnap Li Xi Yun. After he received their last call saying they have lost track of Li Xi Yun he hadn't heard back from them. He had waited for them the whole night to show up, but they hadn't returned. When Li Shu Chen could not reach the group of men he tried calling Li Xi Yun. Her mobile was switched off.

Li Shu Chen doubted whether Li Xi Yun had gotten Chu Yan involved. He sent his men to check if she was in her house and also to check if she had gone to Wang Group of companies. He received an answer in negative from both sites. He was puzzled where his men and Li Xi Yun had disappeared.

Wang Yu was getting curious to know who was helping Li Xi Yun in secret. Li Xi Yun had been saved on two incidents and both on the brink of danger. He knew it can't be a mere coincidence that she got a million dollar cheque at the time when she badly needed money. Though he did not put much thought into it earlier, the kidnapping incident had made him think about it. The men who have wanted to kidnap her and were chasing her had disappeared in the blink of the eye. He knew for certain someone was helping her behind the scene. But he couldn't pinpoint the person. Those men were professional and they had left no trace of their actions.

Li Xi Yun was arguing with Meng Sen Xi about getting discharged. She wanted to leave the hospital immediately but he would not let her leave. At last Li Xi Yun won. Meng Sen Xo obliged to her and agreed to let her leave. Li Xi Yun tried to walk, but her legs did not have enough strength. She stumbled back and fell on the bed.

Without saying a word to her, Meng Sen Xi lifted her off her feet. Li Xi Yun was shy and she was blushing as he carried her. She knew she could not walk properly in this condition so she did not refuse. He did not take her down instead he took her to the top floor. The entire terrace was decorated with roses and Li Xi Yun's mouth was wide open in shock. She had really not expected this at that moment. Meng Sen Xi had told her many times that he likes her and he loves her. But every time he said that he immediately changed the topic to something else. So she did not take it seriously and also never asked him about it. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Meng Sen Xi carried her and set her down on a chair. Li Xi Yun looked around and clearly understood the situation she was in. Many men had proposed to her but she had never said yes to anybody. From when she entered college, she had always worked part time. So she neither had the energy nor the time to date anybody. She spent her time either studying or earning money. So the idea of wanting to date anybody had never crossed her mind.

Chu Yan had been searching for news about Li Xi Yun the whole day. Not being able to find out Li Xi Yun's whereabouts for such a long time, Wu Li Shu had told Chu Yan that Li Xi Yun's father Li Shu Chen may have a hand in her disappearance and how he had threatened her the last week. She only filled him on the necessary details without going into the details. Chu Yan had sent his men to find out if there was any movement in Li Shu Chen's side and also to check if Li Xi Yun had been brought there.

Li Xi Yun's cellphone signal was last found near H Mall and after that it was lost. Chu Yan's men informed him that Li Xi Yun was not at Li family residence and Li Shu Chen was also searching for her. Later they informed him that Li Xi Yun has been admitted in hospital. So both Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu had immediately left the house to visit Li Xi Yun in the hospital.

Meng Sen Xi had never proposed to anyone before, so he was feeling anxious when the actual moment had come. He did not know what Li Xi Yun's answer will be but he wanted to try it and did not want to wait any longer. Though he had told her several times that he likes her, he had never said it in a serious tone nor waited for an answer from her.

Meng Sen Xi kneeled in front of her with a bouquet. Li Xi Yun was getting nervous and she started sweating. She could not believe this was actually happening. At last Meng Sen Xi spoke out the words.

"Can we date?"

She knew exactly what she had to tell him.

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