My Boss Is Scary Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Chapter 44

After getting out of the car, Li Xi Yun tried walking herself. She could walk with Chu Yan's support, but it was painful for her and she walked very slowly.

Chu Yan asked her, "Will you enter your apartment before the night falls?"

"FYI my leg is injured Chu Yan"

"Yes. Remember that your leg is injured and there is nothing wrong with asking help to others and by others I mean your friends."

Chu Yan did not wait for her to reply. He lifted her off her feet and carried her to her apartment. Meng Sen Xi was watching this from afar. His blood was boiling seeing the scene, but he did not want to rush there and cause Li Xi Yun to misunderstand him.

After entering Li Xi Yun's apartment, Chu Yan helped her to sit in the sofa. Wu Li Shu had forgotten her mobile in the car so she came out to take it. To her surprise Meng Sen Xi was standing outside. Seeing Wu Li Shu come out, he approached her.

Meng Sen Xi spoke first, "Can you stay with Li Xi Yun tonight?"

Wu Li Shu did not expect this request from him; she said "I know she has agreed to date you. But that doesn't mean you can request me anything"

Last night when Meng Sen Xi was staying with her in the hospital, Li Xi Yun was crying, convulsing and screaming in her sleep. She was restless and did not have a peaceful sleep. He did not want to bring up that topic with Li Xi Yun so when he saw Wu Li Shu coming out he wanted to infrom Wu Li Shu about it.

Before Meng Sen Xi could speak, Wu Li Shu continued, "I have been with her for more than twenty years and I am staying with her whether you tell me or not. How will I leave her alone after she had such a scare last night?" she turned around and walked some distance then suddenly remembering she looked at him and said, "if you hurt her I will kill you and I mean it". Wu Li Shu did not wait for Meng Sen Xi's reply and went inside her house.

Meng Sen Xi left the place only after ordering his men that they had to protect Li Xi Yun and inform him immediately if anything happens out of the way.

Chu Yan and Li Xi Yun had started arguing again.

"How can you say yes to him?"

"I have known him for three months and he has been good to me the entire time" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"That is your reason for accepting him? I have been treating you well for so many years"

"Then you want to date you? Or you want me to stay single my whole life?"

"But" Chu Yan was not ready to accept her argument.

"Chu Yan I am already 25 and I haven't had my first kiss. So whether you agree or not I'm dating him. Please stop it. I don't have the energy to talk to you"

Chu Yan did not want to continue after this because Li Xi Yun looked so tired and he did not want to tire her more. Mrs. Wu visited Li Xi Yun and brought food for her, since she wanted Li Xi Yun to eat home cooked food at least when she was sick. Mrs. Wu treats Li Xi Yun like her daughter and always took care of her. She wanted to take Li Xi Yun to her house, but Li Xi Yun did not want to bother them. Li Xi Yun did not want to give them unnecessary trouble by going to Wu family home. So Mrs. Wu let Wu Li Shu stay at Li Xi Yun's place.

At night Li Xi Yun had a dream of being chased by men. She ran and ran until she was standing at the edge of a cliff. She did not want them to catch her, so she had jumped off the cliff and was sinking in water unable to breathe. She saw her mother and grandparents under the water struggling. She woke up at midnight; the nightmares which had stopped for some time had started again.

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