My Boss Is Scary Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Chapter 45

The next day, Li Xi Yun called Assistant Liu Guang to inform him she won't be coming to office that day. Since he knew the reason he did not question her. He informed CEO Wang Yu that Secretary Li Xi Yun will not be able to come to office that day.

Wang Yu asked Liu Guang about Li Xi Yun's injuries. Assistant Liu Guang informed him that according to the hospital reports the sole of feet were wounded and she had sprained her right leg.

Wang Yu said to him, "Ask her to work from home. It's only her legs which are injured."

'When did the Boss become so cruel?' From when Li Xi Yun became CEO Wang Yu's personal secretary Liu Guang had noticed that he treated her differently from the way he treated others. They had been working till late night everyday from when Li Xi Yun came up to the fiftieth floor. Liu Guang wouldn't say that as working because Wang Yu was not busy with work that he had to stay till late night, he would just leave his office very late. Since the employees cannot leave without the CEO leaving the office, everyone were pulling late night shift for the past two weeks.

Wang Yu always gave Li Xi Yun so much extra work and also made her work on unnecessary projects which were of no use to the company. Assistant Liu Guang also noticed that Li Xi Yun worked hard on the projects only to get scolded by Wang Yu. Her work was perfect but the CEO was never satisfied with her work. Wang Yu had also stopped giving her salary, so Li Xi Yun had to work unpaid for the next three months. But still Li Xi Yun never complained and did her work. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Now CEO Wang Yu was making Li Xi Yun work even when she is sick. The Wang Yu that Liu Guang knew would never mistreat anybody. But if Wang Yu had grudge on anybody then he did not leave that person until he had completely destroyed them. From Li Xi Yun's behavior he could see that she doesn't their boss. But Wang Yu was treating her like he knew her beforehand and was torturing her on purpose.

Assistant Liu Guang called and informed Li Xi Yun that she had to complete some important work; therefore she had to work from home today. Li Xi Yun started working to distract herself from the pain she was feeling in her legs.

Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu were both staying with her and did not want to leave her alone. Seeing her working Chu Yan asked her, "Do you really like working so much that you have to work even now? Why don't you resign and come to my company"

"You want me to work for you?"


"Why? So that you can make me do all of your work and you can enjoy?"

"Wow you're really smart"

"Don't even think about it"

Li Xi Yun's phone rang. She recognized it as her father's number. Li Shu Chen had no idea what happened to the men he had sent, he had sent his men to search for them, but they were nowhere to be found. He tried calling Li Xi Yun and at last the switched off message had turned into ringing.

Li Xi Yun could not believe he was so shameless that he even called her after doing something so disgusting to his own daughter. Li Xi Yun was thinking about whether to attend the call or not. She did not pick up the call even when he continuously called for three times. She did not want to waste her time on him.

Fu Ming Zhu had been waiting to lay her hands on Li Xi Yun, but the men never returned. Li Shu Chen's men had informed him that Li Xi Yun was at home now. Seeing that Li Xi Yun was not ready to speak to him, Fu Ming Zhu urged Li Shu Chen to go to Li Xi Yun's house. Then she will definitely not be able to escape from them. Li Shu Chen told her to accompany him. They got ready and immediately left Li Xi Yun's place.

When Li Shu Chen was stepping down from the car infront of Li Xi Yun's house, information had been passed to the boss immediately.

Somewhere in the same city where Li Xi Yun, to the man who was in his early 50's the news reached. He was sitting in his chair, "I think it's time we started playing with Li Shu Chen, what you think?" he asked the young man standing near him. Li Family was involved mainly in the food industry.

Then he ordered, "Set fire to his biggest factory. And if that is not enough get two more factories destroyed". The young man immediately gave orders to execute their Boss's order.

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