My Boss Is Scary Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Chapter 46

Mrs. Wu had sent a maid to help Li Xi Yun and also to do the household chores. When the doorbell rang, the maid opened the door to reveal, the two people Li Xi Yun hated the most in the world. Never in her wild dreams did she imagine these two will come and see her after doing something so atrocious.

Li Xi Yun was looking at her father's face for the first time in seven long years. Her step mother looked younger than how she looked before seven years. Seeing her face Li Xi Yun couldn't help but wonder how much money has gone into getting this younger look. She did not stand up nor greet them when they entered her house.

On entering the house both Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu's face cringed in disgust.

Li Shu Chen told her, "Why do you have to live in such a small place. Come to our house. Your room is waiting for you"

"My room? You mean the dirty dusty room which is suitable not to live in?"

"Li Xi Yun what are you talking about?"

"Oh then you want to give the room that originally belonged to me but you had later given it to Li Cheng Zhi, your loving son?"

Li Shu Chen was shocked to see her speak to him like this face to face. When he had talked to her in the phone earlier, he had noticed she had changed, but he did not expect to this extent. She did not greet them, she did not ask them to sit. They were standing in front of her, while she was sitting there relaxed. The last time when he saw Li Xi Yun before she left home, she had stood before him with tear stained eyes, but now she was here talking rudely to them. He made a mistake by letting her leave home.

Fu Ming Zhu looked at Li Xi Yun. She had become prettier. Even without makeup her bare face was glowing and she did not look skinny anymore. Li Xi Yun had a naturally beautiful face and Fu Ming Zhu couldn't stand it.

Fu Ming Zhu tried to speak in a calm voice, "Li Xi Yun, your father misses you so much. That's why he wants you to stay with us. Your place is so small and how can anybody live in such a cheap place"

Li Xi Yun chuckled, "Little mommy, Maybe you forgot the past. Let me remind you. Don't you remember in what condition you lived before becoming my father's mistress?"

Fu Ming Zhu could not take it, "Li Xi Yun what are you talking about?"

"Little Mom I am talking about the time before you got pregnant behind my mother's back with my father's child. To be exact, the time before you were chased out from your house for getting pregnant with a bastard child"

Fu Ming Zhu started yelling, "How can you be so rude? Don't forget that we are your parents"

Li Shu Chen also started yelling, "Apologize to her right now"

Li Xi Yun was least bothered by them yelling at her. She spoke coolly, "Why don't you get out of my home and yell at your house? I am really not interested in entertaining you"

Li Shu Chen screamed, "I will not allow you to speak to me like this."

"Who cares whether you allow it or not? This is my house. And I never invited you in. Daddy, don't tell me after staying with her for so many years you too have become manner less."

Fu Ming Zhu could not accept that a girl whom she treated like a servant in the house was talking back to her now. She wanted to give back everything that Li Xi Yun had given to Li Xin Yi. The slapping incident was something Fu Ming Zhu couldn't forget. She walked towards Li Xi Yun and raised her hand to slap her. Li Xi Yun did not let down her guard from the moment her father and step mother had entered and she knew very well that Fu Ming Zhu will not stay quiet. Li Xi Yun dodged her slap and before Fu Ming Zhu could react she poured the hot tea that was in front of her on Fu Ming Zhu's face. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu who had gone out, returned at that moment. They heard someone screaming at the top of their voice and it was from Li Xi Yun's from the house, so they rushed inside to see what's happening.

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