My Boss Is Scary Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Chapter 47

Fu Ming Zhu was holding her face and screaming in pain. Chu Yan entered Li Xi Yun's house along with Wu Li Shu. Both of them rushed to Li Xi Yun's side. When Li Xi Yun poured the hot tea on Fu Ming Zhu, Li Shu Chen wanted to beat the hell out of her. But when he saw Chu Yan enter the house and go to Li Xi Yun's side, he had to control himself and couldn't do anything to Li Xi Yun. Li Shu Chen had even grought his bodyguards along with him to drag Li Xi Yun away if she did not listen to him, but now he knew he could nothing to her. Both Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu were from influential families so he couldn't touch Li Xi Yun.

Li Xi Yun was sitting there in a relaxed manner with no worry in her face at all and extremely happy. In this she had completely forgotten the pain in her legs and was smiling at them both. Fu Ming Zhu had done a facelift surgery before few weeks and she had been taking care of her face very carefully.

The doctor had advised her not to shower or even use lukewarm water to wash her face. So when the hot tea touched her face, it started stinging and there was an irritating sensation in her face. Since she was old now the doctors had specifically asked her to rest properly and take much care of her of her face and was not sure what will happen now due to this.

Li Xi Yun said in a mocking tone, "Little mommy, don't you know you should not do too many surgeries in your face just because you have money and want to look young. Who knows what may happen now after the hot tea burnt your face? Anything may happen and you may even become disfigured."

Li Xi Yun had no idea that Fu Ming Zhu had done a facelift surgery recently.

Fu Ming Zhu screamed, "You. I will kill you bitch".

Li Shu Chen received a call, the person at the other side was nervous and Li Shu Chen could hear screams and loud noises. The manager from the head branch called him to inform him that the Li Corporation's main factory at Y city had suddenly caught fire and it was spreading to other places. Since this was an emergency situation, Li Shu Chen had to leave Li Xi Yun's house immediately. Fu Ming Zhu also left the house and rushed to the hospital to check up on her face.

Though the tea which Li Xi Yun poured on Fu Ming Zhu's face was not burning hot, still it was hot and because of Fu Ming Zhu's surgery it had a negative effect. When Fu Ming Zhu left the house, Li Xi Yun could see pinkish red patches on Fu Ming Zhu's face and neck. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Wow good riddance. Xi Yun you have improved so much. I'm so proud of you" Wu Li Shu was all praises for Li Xi Yun. Before when Li Xi Yun's family tried to bully her Li Xi Yun preferred talking to them directly trying to reason with them or ignoring them completely rather than using hands.

Now Li Xi Yun was bored of the Li family trying to pick up fights with her whenever possible. She did not want anything to do them but still they were always in her way and were not ready to leave her alone. Since the passive way did not work with them she chose the other aggressive way. Even if she was kind to them she knew they will not be so kind enough to leave her alone, so she couldn't help but bully them whenever she gets the chance.

Chu Yan asked Li Xi Yun, "Isnt that your father and step mother? Won't you get in trouble for doing that?"

"They will torture me even if I don't do anything, so why bother? Plus what do I have to worry about when I have Chu Yan, the President's son with me?"

"But I can't be with you all the time"

"Excuse me; you are already with me most of the time. You literally stay here most of the time when I am not in office. And won't you rush to me if I give you a call or send your bodyguards to me if I am in trouble?"

"For that you have to tell me if you are in danger"

"Sure I will"

After Li Shu Chen left Li Xi Yun's apartment he got calls from two other branch offices informing him about the explosion in the factory.

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