My Boss Is Scary Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Chapter 48

The next day when CEO Wang Yu arrived in his office he saw a parcel in his desk. Assistant Liu Guang informed him that someone had left it in the front desk and he had brought it up. Wang Yu unwrapped the parcel and inside it was an old journal. A letter was also tucked inside the parcel.

The letters contents were, "I found my father's old journal. I thought it would be helpful for you. I wanted to give it to you in person, but I couldn't I'm sorry. My father did not have a peaceful life because of this person. I believe in you that you will find this person soon. And I hope it has some information you need" With the name signed he recognized it to be the young girl who gave the video to him. The journal was not filled up completely and it contained writings from ten years back. The dates varied from ten years back up to a couple of months ago.

Wang Yu flipped through the pages quickly to see if anything was written in the year when his sister was injured. Only the information which he already knew was written. Then he glanced through the journal again and found the words, 'I have to leave X city because of the Li family eldest miss'. Wang Yu had already sent the video for facial recognition and identification. But with this information that he had got just now he did not want to wait anymore.

Wang Yu told Assistant Liu Guang that Li Xi Yun has to be in office within the next half an hour. Liu Guang was confused but he called Li Xi Yun immediately and asked her to come to office.

Li Xi Yun's right foot was sprained, so she walked slowly trying not to put so much weight on her right foot. She was bored at home and when Assistant Liu Guang called her she did not refuse and immediately got ready to leave. When she entered the company building she received many stares. Gao Hui had succeeded in spreading the rumor that she was fired because of Li Xi Yun. Most of them wanted to avoid her. Li Xi Yun was too immersed in her thoughts to think about what's happening around her.

Li Xi Yun was always on her guard now wondering when Li Shu Chen will attack her. She had slapped her step sister Li Xin Yi, poured hot tea on her step mother Fu Ming Zhu, disobeyed her father Li Shu Chen and also escaped from the kidnap attempt. So she was not sure what danger was next. When she saw Li Shu Chen leaving her house in a hurry she was not sure whether it was because he felt intimidated by Chu Yan or because of something else. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Fu Ming Zhu had rushed to the hospital to consult the doctor. The doctor had checked her face and said that they have to wait and see the consequences and only then determine whether subsequent surgeries were necessary. Her face had started swelling and scars were formed, Fu Ming Zhu was panicking now because if scars were formed on her face it would be an ugly sight and she did not want that. But she could only wait like the doctors had advised.

When Li Shu Chen heard the news about the blast in the factory he had rushed to the factory. He was devastated to see that the factory was almost completely destroyed and also the goods in the storage and the raw materials that were stored were all completely burnt and had become useless. Only recently he had spent a fortune on acquiring new machineries for his factory and everything was completely gone now.

When the factory started burning people had rushed out of the building in a hurry to safeguard themselves so no one noticed how or why the fire started. The surveillance room was also connected to the factory so all data and video footage was destroyed and there was no other back up data left. Two other factories had also caught fire and those two were the ones that had been constructed recently. So he had installed them with the latest technology machines and everything was lost now. He was sure someone wanted to sabotage him. So he sent his men to find out what happened. All his doubts were on his business competitor.

Due to these incidents he had incurred huge losses and he was in seriously in need of money now. Li Shu Chen had never imagined that he would face such a situation in his life. But with this reality before him he was not sure what to do.

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