My Boss Is Scary Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 The devil in disguise

In the morning as she was about to enter the office she was stopped by Meng Sen Xi, her colleague and desk mate.

"Li Zi Yun, stop right there. How can you be so cruel to leave me alone and move up to the fiftieth floor"

"Then maybe I should tell him I won't accept the position because my colleague will miss me"

"Wait! I am just a colleague to you?"

"Then are you my boyfriend?"

"You want to say it out loud?"

"No thank you. And FYI you're not my boyfriend"

Meng Sen Xi looked at her eyes carefully and suddenly asked her "Have you ever crossed paths with him?"


"Our CEO Wang"

"Nope… never. Why?"

"Otherwise why would he select you?"

Li Zi Yun couldn't understand why people kept asking this same question to her. "Am I really that untalented in everyone's eyes? why does everyone ask me this?" she asked him.

"Who asked you?"

"Never mind! See you at lunch. Bye"

After Li Zi Yun left, Meng Sen Xi made a call "Find out how is Zi Yun related to Wang Yu"

Liu Guang, Wang Yu's assistant was waiting for her.

As soon as she arrived he gave her the contract. "Ms.Li Zi Yun here is your contract and after you sign you can start right away as the Personal Secretary of our CEO"

"But why do I need to sign a new contract? I already have a contract with the company!" she was looking at the contract as she spoke.

"This is a contract with confidentiality agreement which you have to agree since you will come across lots of confidential document and it binds you to the company for the next two years"

He continued, "I think it's better if you hurry, boss is waiting for you" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Ok let's go then"

The fiftieth floor in the company building had the CEO's office and she had never been to the fiftieth floor before.

When the elevator opened she found a table with her name plate on it opposite to the CEO's room.

Liu Guang took her to the CEO's room and the door slided open. Wang Yu was standing by the floor to ceiling window with his back facing the door, viewing the city. He was trying to compose his face to not show his hatred when he sees her.

When Wang Yu turned around he had gotten a hold over himself and his face revealed no emotions. He looked at Zi Yun straight in her eyes, as if trying to read her mind.

Li Zi Yun felt like her boss's gaze was trying to penetrate her soul, she was starting to get a bit nervous. She started getting that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. She started to worry if she had really done something bad that is why she was brought here and felt like a bad student being called to the principal's office. Her mind was racing through different thoughts, nothing optimistic.

Wang Yu was looking at the different reactions in her face, mostly her face revealed confusion. Liu Guang couldn't take the staring contest any longer.

He introduced her, "Boss, this is your personal secretary, Li Zi Yun"

"Hmmm" those were the only words he could say before turning around again with his back facing them. He had to control himself from strangling her; he couldn't bear to see her face. Now he was more than sure it was she who did that seven years ago.

She was thinking in her mind 'Just to spit out this 'hmm' did he have a staring contest with her'.

Liu Guang had never seen his boss react like this. For all he knows she may have been his ex girlfriend who broke up with him for no particular reason or a mortal enemy.

After they left the room he asked her, curious about the boss's reaction, "If you don't mind can you tell me if you have met our boss before personally?"

'Here we go again.' She couldn't understand why everyone was so fixated on this question.

She put on a smile knowing that she has to be polite to him, she answered, "No this is my first time meeting him."

Her face told him that she was telling the truth. He asked his assistant to get her familiar with this place, and he left after she signed the contract still curious about what happened earlier.

The only plus point of getting this position for Zi Yun was, she could use the separate elevator instead of being crushed with the others.

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