My Boss Is Scary Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Chapter 50

Wu Qing's family business had some business deals with the Wang Group of Companies and Wu Qing had come over to Wang Yu's company to discuss about it. When Wang Yu entered his office, his face looked like he was ready to kill anyone who ever came in front of him. He threw the file on the desk and asked Wu Qing, "Why are you here?"

"Why do you have such a look on your face? Is it to scare your employees? If that's the reason I'm sure you have succeeded in that"

"I asked you, why did you come to my office?" Wang Yu was really in a foul mood.

"Who angered our mighty CEO Wang Yu?"

"Every time I see her I want to kill her." Wang Yu sat beside Wu Qing as he said those words. The lunch time was up but he was not hungry and had no appetite.


"You know who I am talking about"

"Your Personal Secretary?"

Wang Yu nodded his head slightly. He was finding it hard to control his temper nowadays. Wang Yu would not have stopped the meeting if Wu Qing did not come to his office. Wu Qing spoke with Wang Yu for a few minutes and then came out of Wang Yu's office hoping to see who the Personal Secretary was but he found no one there so he left.

Li Zi Yun sat on the floor without moving an inch. Assistant Liu Guang came in search of her and found her in the meeting room. Li Zi Yun was clutching her ankle and sitting quietly leaning against the wall. She was sitting there with her eyes closed. She felt weak and tired. She had signed a contract with the company for the next two years and she could not afford to pay the termination fee if she wants to be released from the contract binding her to the company. She also knew if she were to try something else Wang Yu would make sure she will never get another job. Therefore, she was well aware of her current situation, she needed a job to earn a living, and she had no choice but to endure this.

Assistant Liu Guang dashed towards her when he saw her sitting there with a pale face.

"Secretary Zi Yun"

Li Zi Yun opened her eyes hearing someone call her.

"Secretary Zi Yun. Are you alright?"

"Can I go home now?" Li Zi Yun realized coming to office was a bad idea and she should have better stayed at home. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Liu Guang wanted to let her go home and rest and he did not have the authority to decide that in Li Zi Yun's case because she was the Personal Secretary of Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun tried to get up with the help of Assistant Liu Guang but it was painful for her.

"Assistant Liu Guang, does the CEO treat everyone like how he treats me or is he behaving like this only to me?"

Liu Guang had no answer to this question. He too had wondered why Wang Yu treats Li Zi Yun like this but he did not have the courage to ask him directly so he was unsure about the reason.

"Secretary Li Zi Yun, are you sure you haven't done anything to wrong him?"

"I have never seen him up close before I became his Personal Secretary"

Li Zi Yun looked at Liu Guang's face and she could see that he was telling the truth and he really had no idea why Wang Yu was doing this. Li Zi Yun was wearing flat shoes since her foot was wounded but then she removed it and was now barefooted. Liu Guang did not have the heart to leave her just like that. He pulled her up almost lifted her and he was bearing her entire weight and Li Zi Yun limped as he helped her to her desk.

Meng Sen Xi had been waiting for Li Zi Yun, to have lunch with her but she hadn't come down. He tried calling her several times but she did not pick up the call. Li Zi Yun had changed her mobile phone mode to silent before entering the meeting and she did not look at her mobile phone after that. Meng Sen Xi heard about the meeting going on in the fiftieth floor from morning so he did not bother her after that knowing that she will be present there in the meeting as the Personal Secretary of CEO.

Li Zi Yun was shocked when she saw so many missed calls from Meng Sen Xi. When she was about to call back, Meng Sen Xi gave her a call again. He had ordered lunch for her and was waiting to give it to her. Li Zi Yun was relieved that she could eat at last. She did not want to strain her foot so she asked him to come up to the fiftieth floor.

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