My Boss Is Scary Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Chapter 51

Meng Sen Xi came to the fiftieth floor. Li Zi Yun was lying face down on her desk. Hearing the footsteps, she lifted her head to find Meng Sen Xi standing before her. Her face looked both pale and dull. Recently for a few days, she has been experiencing stomachache quite frequently. The pain in her legs and stomach was too much for her and her face looked ashen. She felt too weak to lift her hands to eat yet felt grateful that Meng Sen Xi was considerate to bring food for her.

As Wang Yu was eating, he asked Assistant Liu Guang "Where is Li Zi Yun?"

"Boss Li Zi Yun asked for a leave"

"The Li family's elder miss couldn't bear standing for a few hours and she wants to go home? Or does she think that since she is not paid she doesn't have to work"

"Boss, her foot ankle is swollen and she couldn't even move"

"So you feel sympathy for her and you came here instead of her to ask leave for the poor girl?"


"Well, tell her to get ready for the meeting. I am not done with the presentations yet."

Liu Guang was speechless. He had never seen Wang Yu so ruthless.

Liu Guang came out of Wang Yu's office and informed her that the presentation would continue in the afternoon and she had to get everything ready. Li Zi Yun immediately notified all the people who were present in the morning and instructed them to come to the fiftieth floor immediately. Those employees had just gone for lunch but had no choice but to obey the order. They rushed up as soon as they could. After Li Zi Yun had her lunch, she felt a bit energized.

Li Zi Yun did not even bother sitting, as she knew Wang Yu would definitely not let her sit throughout the meeting. When Wang Yu entered the room, he saw Li Zi Yun standing in the same position where she stood in the morning. After greeting CEO Wang Yu, all the employees sat down but not Li Zi Yun. This behavior of Li Zi Yun aggravated Wang Yu more. The entire time he kept on yelling at Li Zi Yun in front of the employees for every mistake done by others. Li Zi Yun answered him patiently with no change in her expression.

When Li Zi Yun came to the understanding that Wang Yu was doing this on purpose, she felt there was no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed and she faced it calmly. Wang Yu was irked, and the meeting continued a very long time making the entire office employees stay back. No one wanted to leave before his or her seniors had not left the office so everyone stayed back to work late. At last, Wang Yu let them leave when he was bored of the employees repeating the same words.

Li Zi Yun wanted to speak to Wang Yu directly. She was determined in finding out today why he treated her the way he treated her. When Wang Yu entered his office with Assistant Liu Guang, Li Zi Yun followed him.

"Boss I want to talk to you in private"

Wang Yu did not expect her to come and talk to him after he embarrassed her in front of everyone.

"What do you want?"

"Boss may I ask you something?"

"What do you want?" Wang Yu repeated the words, glaring at her.

"CEO Wang Yu, why are you treating me like this?" Wang Yu did not answer her.

Li Zi Yun wanted to find the underlying cause of this today. Therefore, she continued, "I know there is a reason why you are doing all this to me, you don't just treat somebody specifically this way just because you feel like it. I know that you hate me. But, why? In what way did I wrong you? Why are you doing this to me?" she was determined in getting to the bottom of the issue. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Do you remember Wang Yiran?"

Of course, she could remember Wang Yiran, the one who bullied her along with Li Xin Yi.


"Then do you remember what happened to her?"



"Hmm Many rumors were going around about what may have happened to her. No one actually knew the truth"

"Not even you?"

Li Zi Yun had no idea why he was asking her all these questions. The only conclusion she could draw from his concern for Wang Yiran was that she must be Wang Yu's sister. She was not close with Wang Yiran and how did he expect her to know what happened to Wang Yiran when even Li Xin Yi did not know about her.

When Li Zi Yun did not answer Wang Yu approached, Li Zi Yun automatically moved backwards. The murderous look on Wang Yu's face made her feel a bit scared. She hit the wall and Wang Yu placed his hands on both sides of her locking between him and the wall.

"Stop pretending and tell me the truth"

Wang Yu was in close proximity to her and when Li Zi Yun lifted her face she saw that Wang Yu's face was only a couple of inches away from her. She bent her head down quickly not able to face him. Being this close to Wang Yu made her feel uncomfortable.

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