My Boss Is Scary Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Chapter 52

"Look at me when I speak to you Li Zi Yun"

"How would I know about Wang Yiran? Aren't you the one who is related to her?"

Wang Yu grasped her hands firmly dragging her with him.

"Hey stop What are you doing?" Wang Yu did not even flinch when Li Zi Yun tried to resist.

"Boss" Assistant Liu Guang tried to stop him.

"Get out of my way if you want to live"

"What the hell are you doing?" Wang Yu dragged her to his private elevator. Li Zi Yun could not process what was going on. Wang Yu was holding her arms with a tight grip and no matter what she said Wang Yu did not reply. Li Xi Yun's phone was vibrating. She took it out from her pocket to check who it was but Wang Yu grabbed the phone and smashed it on the floor.

"Have you gone mad? What the fuck do you want?"

The only response Li Zi Yun got was Wang Yu's stare. When the elevator reached the basement, he yanked her out of the elevator and pushed her into his car. It was an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. Li Zi Yun knew nothing about cars but the only thing she was sure about this car was that it was a sports car, which travels in high speed. After the accident, she could not travel in cars for some time but later she had gotten over it but still she was not ready to get inside speedy cars.

Wang Yu pushed her inside the car and he sat in the driver's seat. When the garage shutter opened, he sped out. Since it was already night, there was not much traffic in the road and Wang Yu was racing in the road.

"STOP THE CAR..." Li Zi Yun was screaming at the top of her voice. However, Wang Yu's was not interested in listening to her. Li Zi Yun started hitting him with her hand trying to slow him down. Wang Yu was strong enough that he did not flinch a bit when Li Zi Yun hit him. His full concentration was on his driving.

Meng Sen Xi tried calling Li Zi Yun but after ringing for some time, the call was cancelled suddenly. When he tried calling again he got the automated message that Li Zi Yun's phone was switched off. Unable to reach her he went up to the fiftieth floor in search of her. Assistant Liu Guang was pacing back and forth in the room unable to decide what to do. By the looks of it he was more than cent percent sure, that Wang Yu was going to kill Li Zi Yun. He was not sure whether he should leave the office or wait for them to return.

Li Zi Yun's heart was beating fast. When the accident happened, the car lost control and the brake was not working. She could remember that the car was gaining speed and the final moments when her mother was holding onto her for the last time. The car then crashed on the barrier and fell into the lake sinking deep. The memory was flashing through her eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I said stop the fucking car!!!!!!! Have you gone nuts?"

Wang Yu did not answer her. Li Zi Yun closed her eyes tightly and tried to imagine something else. She had forgotten about the pain in her legs when all this was happening. She tried to calm herself down but she could not do that. There was no music playing in the car and all she could hear were the tires screeching in the road. Her heart was beating was so fast, she felt as if her heart would burst out from her chest.

Wang Yu increased the car speed and stopped suddenly, with Li Zi Yun almost falling from her seat. He looked at Li Zi Yun. Her face was no longer calm like how it usually was. Her eyes were teary and she was trembling and sweating. He turned towards her.

Wang Yu grabbed her cheeks with his right hand and asked her, "Tell me the truth, what happened to Wang Yiran?"

"Why don't you tell me first why you dragged me out here and driving like a maniac?" her voice was a bit shaky. She knew that no one would come to her rescue now because no one knew where she was.

"So you're going to play dumb till the end?"

Wang Yu played the video for her, which he received recently. Li Zi Yun watched the video.

"Isn't this you?"

Li Zi Yun looked at the video closely. She could remember that she had that long zip up cashmere hoodie in her high school. The clothes she received after her mother's death were very few in number and mostly it was all Li Xin Yi's old clothes passed down to her. Since they were of the same height and both of them were thin, her stepmother did not want to waste money on Li Zi Yun. She could remember this hoodie because it was new and she had received this new clothing after many years.

"I don't know."

Wang Yu laughed hysterically. The laugh was enough to create nightmares for her. The video showed a girl walking and from the surroundings, she could see that it was her high school. This place was at the back of the school. The face was not very clear and she had no idea whether it was she in the video.

Somewhere, "Boss, CEO Wang Yu had taken Li Zi Yun for a drive and he was found speeding outside the city."

The Boss looked at him. On getting no reply he continued, "Boss, Wang Yu had also been trying to gather information related to Miss Li Zi Yun. Mostly about Li Zi Yun's connection with Wang Yiran, his sister"

"Keep a close watch. Nevertheless, not too close. Do not jump in unless she is truly in danger. " He was confident that Wang Yu would not do anything extreme.


"What else?"

"Boss Young Master Meng Sen Xi is dating Miss Li Zi Yun."

"What?" He was more shocked by this news that the other.

"How long has this been going on?"

"It happened before two days." The assistant spoke in a small voice. He knew his Boss would not leave him alone for this.

"And you found out JUST NOW? IS THIS WHY I PAY YOU?" Boss was screaming at his him. He threw the papers that were on his desk at his assistant. The papers flew everywhere. The assistant stood still not having the guts to move. The Boss calmed himself down a bit.

The Boss then said, "Ask Meng Sen Xi to come and see me tomorrow"

"Yes Boss"

Boss was murmuring, "No, this should never happen". He had to stop it somehow even if he had to tell Meng Sen Xi the truth.

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