My Boss Is Scary Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Chapter 53

Wang Yu smirked, "No Criminal will accept their crime and you are no different"

"What do you mean?" Li Zi Yun was thinking, 'Has he gone nuts'

"Wang Yiran is not someone who would try to commit suicide. I want to know what you did to her" his hold on her was too tight and she could the blood draining from her cheeks.

"Wang Yiran committed suicide?"

This was news to her. Everyone in school has been curious about what happened to her but no one guessed something like would have really happened to her. Wang Yiran was the type who would prefer killing others rather than killing herself. Therefore, Li Zi Yun was a bit shocked when she heard this. Li Zi Yun was wondering whether they were talking about the same Wang Yiran after he said this.

"What did you do to her?"

"Why would I do anything to her?" She started wondering why he was talking all this to her. Did he mistake that she had done something to hurt Wang Yiran.

"Because you hated her"

"I hate my family the most. I would have killed my family before hurting anyone else. Moreover, your sister was not worth my time. And she would have killed me before I even try to do anything to her"

"Then why did you threaten the man and try to hide this video?"

"What are you talking about? I tried to hide this video?"

"No matter how long I searched this was the only evidence. I could find nothing other than this video"

Did Wang Yu really think she had done something to his sister Wang Yiran and that is why he was torturing her? She looked at the video again but she could not decide whether it was actually her in the video. Since she had gone to that place often, it may also be her. She started doubting whether it was her sister Li Xin Yi. She had never threatened anyone. She also had no idea that such a video existed. Therefore, it must be Li Xin Yi. Nevertheless, why must she try to hide this video? Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Zi Yun knew that her sister was evil but would Li Xin Yi stoop so low to kill somebody. Li Xin Yi was a cunning fool and coward and Li Zi Yun was sure that Li Xin Yi did not have the guts to kill someone. But what if she really tried to kill Wang Yiran. Just as Li Xin Yi did not like being second to Li Zi Yun, she also hated being second to Wang Yiran. Li Xin Yi had also been overjoyed when Wang Yiran did not come to school though she did not show it out and she became the head of the small gang of bullies.

"If I tell you the truth, will you believe me?"

Wang Yu glared at her.

"That's not me in the video"

Meng Sen Xi went in search of Li Zi Yun but could not find her. No one in the fiftieth floor knew where she was. He assumed she must have left the office and came out of the office building. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were waiting outside the company building waiting for Li Zi Yun. They had already told her beforehand they would come to pick her up, so they were waiting. They tried calling her but could not reach her phone. Since there had already been a kidnap attempt on Li Zi Yun, both Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were getting nervous. Wu Li Shu was getting restless, while Chu Yan was calm.

They had been waiting for a long time but there was no sight of Li Zi Yun. Wu Li Shu was contemplating about entering the office. She finally decided it was better to go and check. Both Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan got out of the car. When they started walking towards the office, they saw Meng Sen Xi coming out. Chu Yan saw him for the first time after he saw him proposing to Li Zi Yun. He neither liked nor trusted Meng Sen Xi but he approached him to inquire about Li Zi Yun.

Chu Yan noticed Meng Sen Xi was also walking towards him.

Both of them spoke at the same time.

"Li Zi Yun"

When Meng Sen Xi paused, Wu Li Shu asked him, "Where is Li Zi Yun?"

"She did not leave? I thought she left" Meng Sen Xi had come out believing that Li Zi Yun must have left.

"What are you talking about? She never came out" Meng Sen Xi was worried now. He had gone upstairs in search of her but she was not there. Did her father try to kidnap her again?

Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu were shocked when they heard this. Li Zi Yun never came out nor is she in the office. Then where did she go?

All the three were wondering if it was her father again.

Meng Sen Xi moved away from them and called his assistant, to know about Li Zi Yun's whereabouts. The assistant informed him that they haven't seen Li Zi Yun come out. Wang Yu's private garage was located at the back of the building and since no one was stationed there so they had no clue Wang Yu had taken Li Zi Yun out. Therefore, they had no idea where she disappeared

Wu Li Shu received a call from her brother, Wu Qing.

"Li Shu come home immediately."

"Brother Li Zi Yun is missing"

Since Wu Li Shu and Li Zi Yun were friends from when they were kids, Wu Qing knew very well about Li Zi Yun. He treated Li Zi Yun just like how he treated his sister. Therefore, he was concerned about Li Zi Yun and he was shocked to hear this.

"What happened?"

Wu Li Shu briefly narrated what happened before two days and that they were not able to reach her now. He knew Li Zi Yun worked at Wang Yu's company but not her designation.

She continued, "Brother, Can you ask Brother Wang if he knows anything"

"Li Shu, Wang Yu will not know in detail about every employee who works under him"

"Doesn't he even know about his Personal Secretary?"


He never expected Li Zi Yun to be Wang Yu's personal secretary.

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