My Boss Is Scary Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Chapter 54

When Wu Qing visited Wang Yu in the morning, he could see the hate Wang Yu had towards his Personal Secretary. Wu Qing started doubting if Wang Yu had done something to Li Zi Yun. He cut the call with Wu Li Shu and immediately gave a call to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu's phone rang and Wu Qing's name flashed on the screen when he was about to start the car. He cut the call but his phone rang again, therefore, he received the call. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I'm busy. I will call you later"

Before Wang Yu could cut the call, he asked him, "Li Zi Yun is with you?"

"I said I'm busy"

"I have known Li Zi Yun her entire life. You do not know her as well as I do. She will never ever hurt Wang Yiran"

"I know what I am doing"

"No you don't. If you hurt her in anyway, you will regret it in the future."

"Brother Wu Qing he has gone insane save me." Li Zi Yun was yelling trying to get Wu Qing to hear her. But Wang Yu hanged the call.

Wang Yu started the car. In a fraction of seconds, the car speed increased. The car was racing now at more than 300 kmph. The car was moving at an insane speed.

"Stop please"

The speeding car brought back her old memories. Li Zi Yun tried to calm down herself. She tried imagining happy things but it did not work. The car was moving so fast and that was the only thing she could think about. She was not able to calm down instead she started panicking. It reminded her of the time when the car lost control and crashed down.

Li Zi Yun's heartbeat was racing. She started sweating profusely and trembling. She had difficulty breathing and she was panting, breathing short and quick breaths. She had a queasy nauseatic feeling and felt light headed and dizzy. There was tightness in her throat and she was clutching her throat and chest. She was having a panic attack. Wang Yu was only concentrating on his driving and he did not look at her. She tried tapping on his hands trying to get him to look at her but he ignored her. Her eyes were starting to lose focus.

"I will stop the car when you tell the truth"

Li Zi Yun did not hear a single word of what he said. Her head was spinning and she could not breathe. She felt like she was about to die. She had a pounding and piercing headache. It was getting worse with every passing second.

Wang Yu got a call. Since the video was of very low quality, dark, the face was unclear and only partially seen in the video he had assigned men specifically for face identification mapping to identify the face. They had been using different software's to get a clear image of the face. However, they have been unsuccessful until now. He had instructed them to call him only if they had gotten a clear image. He received the call immediately hoping they have the result.

"Boss, we have cracked down who is the person in the video. I have sent you the clear image of the girl"

"Got it"

Wang Yu stopped the car by the side and quickly opened the file expecting to see Li Zi Yun's face. The girl in the image was not Li Zi Yun it was Li Xin Yi. He was dumbfounded. He did not know how he had been so stupid to judge an innocent girl and torture her for so long.

Only then, he turned towards Li Zi Yun. She was sweating so much and her silk white shirt was sticking to her body. He tried to speak to her but she did not turn towards him.

"Li Zi Yun" he called her but Li Zi Yun was in no condition to reply to him.

Wang Yu had driven the car very fast only because he knew she would suffer. So now, when she was panicking he had no idea what to do. He knew the accident had a traumatic effect on her and that is why he did this. He never thought for even a second that she could be innocent, so he had not planned anything for that. Wang Yu was so blinded by the idea of revenge that it never once crossed his mind that Li Zi Yun would not have done such a thing.

Li Zi Yun wanted to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. Wang Yu patted her face trying to bring her to her senses but it was of no use. He got out of the car and went to the opposite side to open the door for her. He lifted her out of the car hoping fresh air would make her feel better.

Li Zi Yun was feeling nauseous and when Wang Yu brought her out of the car, she puked. She was puking at the side of the road, she was kneeling on the ground, and the stones were pricking her hand and knees. Wang Yu saw her vomiting; he walked to the car to get water. After puking her guts out, Li Zi Yun no longer had any strength in her body and she fainted. Before Li Zi Yun's body hit the ground, Wang Yu caught her.

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