My Boss Is Scary Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Chapter 55

Wu Qing had called and informed Wu Li Shu that she was safe and he would bring her back. Wu Li Shu inquired what happened to Li Zi Yun and where she was but she got no reply. He hanged up the call. He left the house immediately to go and see Li Zi Yun. Wu Li Shu was not ready to give up without knowing about Li Zi Yun's whereabouts. She kept on calling Wu Qing repeatedly until he picked up her call. Wu Qing very well knew that Wu Li Shu would stop bothering him only after she knows the truth. Therefore, he told her that Li Zi Yun was with Wang Yu without going into the details.

Wang Yu thought of taking Li Zi Yun to the hospital but he was outside the city and the hospital was far from there. Since they were near to his family home, he took her to his family home, the Wang residence. His grandparents and parents were living there but he took Li Zi Yun there without any hesitation. Wang Yu had called the doctor earlier and asked him to come to his family residence immediately. Wu Qing had tried calling Wang Yu but Wang Yu did not pick up the call. Wu Qing directly went to Wang family residence because he knew that that was where Wang Yu mostly interrogated everyone in the torture chamber.

Wu Li Shu immediately gave a call to Wang Yu. Wang Yu hesitated, thinking twice before taking the call. Wu Li Shu had tried calling him repeatedly but he did not accept the call. She put her trust on her brother and waited for his call.

Wu Li Shu informed both Chu Yan Meng Sen Xi that Li Zi Yun was with Wang Yu and she was not kidnapped. After they parted ways there, Meng Sen Xi received a call when he was on his way home. He knew he could not ignore this call.

"What is it?"

"Young Master, Boss wants to meet you tomorrow"

"I'm busy. I already have an appointment. I don't have time for this" Since he couldn't spend time with Li Zi Yun today he wanted to take her out on a date the next day.

"Young Master. Please. Boss has something very important to discuss with you"

"Ok I will be there"

There were three reasons why Meng Sen Xi was mostly called back. It was either to be lectured or punished or for training and he hated all three. He could not think of anything bad that he had done recently so he thought he was being called for training. Meng Sen Xi thought it was a good opportunity to inform them that he was dating Li Zi Yun. Therefore, he decided to visit the boss the next day.

Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun inside the house. He had a few girlfriends when he was younger but he had never brought anybody to his family residence. Even his fiance was not permitted inside the house. Therefore, when he carried Li Zi Yun inside the servants who saw that were shocked. They informed the butler that Young Master Wang Yu had brought a girl home and carried her to the guest room. The butler was curious about the girl but first he informed Mrs. Wang. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mrs. Wang could not believe her ears when the butler said that Wang Yu has brought a girl home. She knew that Wang Yu was not interested in his fiance and he was not the type to bring girls to his family home. So Mrs. Wang immediately rushed out of her room even though it was night.

The butler led her to the guest room where Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu had laid her on the bed and he was sitting on the bed beside her. The girl looked a mess but she was pretty.

"The girl looks pretty. But who is she?"

"She is hurt"

"Yes I can see that. How did she get hurt?"

Wang Yu was hesitating to answer. He looked at Li Zi Yun. Her face looked like she was in pain. When she knelt on the road some stones have pricked her knees and hands and also her knees and hands were dirty from kneeling. Her right foot ankle was swollen and it was black. Since Li Zi Yun was dragged outside without her shoes, the bandages at the sole of her feet were also peeled off. Wang Yu could see the wounds at the sole of her feet. He felt guilty because he was the cause of all this.

The butler had brought the doctor inside to take a look at Li Zi Yun. He had already explained to the doctor Li Zi Yun's condition so Wang Yu left the room with his mother.

"Wang Yu, I asked you who that girl is." Mrs. Wang was curious about the girl. She knew Wang Yu was not soft hearted to being random girls home because they were injured.

Wang Yu replied, "My personal secretary". She knew Wang Yu had assigned a new personal secretary before two to three weeks. However, what she did not expect was that Wang Yu was close enough with his secretary to bring her home.

"So you love your personal secretary and that is why you don't like your fiance Huang Nian?"

"Mom what are you talking?"

"The girl you brought is just now is very pretty and I think she would be suitable for you. If you do not like Huang Nian you can marry this girl. I am not against it" Wang Yu could not believe his mother would be imagining something so extreme and that too in such a situation.

"Mother, she got hurt because of me. No, I hurt her. Hospital is far away so I brought her here. Don't get too excited about nothing" Mrs. Wang's blood boiled when she heard her son say that.

"What did you do to the girl?" She no longer spoke softly.

Somewhere, the young man informed his Boss.

"Boss, CEO Wang Yu has taken Miss Li Zi Yun to his residence"

"Did he hurt her?"

"She is not in any immediate danger"

"Did you ask Sen Xi to come and meet me?"

"Yes Boss"

He did not expect Meng Sen Xi to cause troubles this time.

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