My Boss Is Scary Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Chapter 56

"So you are the reason why she is like this. What did you do to her?"

Wang Yu tried to walk away. He was not ready to talk to her about all this.

Grandfather Wang heard the disturbance and he came out of his room to inquire what happened. The butler informed him Young Master Wang Yu had brought a girl home and doctor was checking her. He asked the butler to take him to Wang Yu.

"Xiaoyu what is happening here?"

Wang Yu and Mrs. Wang stood there speechless. They did not expect that Grandfather Wang would find out so soon. Wang Yu thought of informing him in the morning.

When both mother and son did not reply, Grandfather Wang continued, "Butler informed me you have brought a girl home. Did you get her pregnant? Is that why you brought her home?"

Mrs. Wang had been thinking about the same before she saw Li Zi Yun. However, when she saw her she was sure that was not the case. Therefore, she did not ask the question to Wang Yu.

Grandfather Wang was a strict man and Wang Yu was a bit scared of him since he was the family head. So Wang Yu stood there quietly, not sure what to tell his grandfather.

Wang Yu said quietly, "No Grandfather. She is injured. So I had to bring her to our home since I was near the house"

"Who is that girl? Did you drive the car yourself and come here?"

"She is my Personal Secretary. And yes I drove the car myself." Wang family knew that Wang Yu preferred having a chauffeur drive him rather than driving himself. So Wang Yu did not drive the car often, he drove very rarely.

"What's her name?"

"Li Zi Yun"

"Why did you take her out in the night in your car?"

"I have found a clue at last regarding Yiran's incident"

"What is it? Is it related to this girl? What is the clue?"

"It's Li Zi Yun's sister who last saw Yiran I have found a video"

Wang Yu showed them the unclear video. Grandfather Wang found something fishy in this whole issue. Wang Yu was not confident when he spoke and that raised suspicions.

"How is this related to your Personal Secretary?"

The doctor came out before Wang Yu could answer. Seeing the doctor, Grandfather Wang asked him, "How is the girl?"

"Her ankle sprain is a bit severe and there is partial tear in her ligaments. She has to rest at least a month. I have prescribed medications for her panic attack. Make sure she is in good mind set and don't discuss about things which are depressing to her so that she doesn't get panic attacks again and take care of her carefully"

Grandfather Wang waited until the doctor left the house. He visited Li Zi Yun. She was sleeping on the bed. Grandfather asked the maid to take care of Li Zi Yun until Wang Yu returned. Then he asked both Wang Yu and Mrs. Wang to come to his study.

Grandfather Wang closed the door and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Why is the girl in such a condition and why did you bring her here?"

"I told you she was hurt and hospital is far from here"

"I asked you why you brought her here. You are not kind enough to bring here just because she was injured. Did you do this to her?"

"Yes" Wang Yu's voice was almost a whisper.

Wang Yu continued in a low voice, "I thought she was the one who caused Yiran's accident"


"But it's not her" he hung his head down ashamed of doing such things to an innocent girl.

"Then why did you do that?"

"I thought it was her in the video"

"So you injured her without verifying the truth?"

"Yes" Mrs. Wang was shocked when she heard him say yes. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You were responsible for her panic attack?"


"So you did that on purpose? You used her weakness against her?"


"Don't you feel sorry for what you did?"

"Grandfather I have spent so many years trying to find out what happened to Wang Yiran. When I saw the video, I was blinded by revenge and did what I did. I know I should have thought better. But, I did not have the patience to do that. Seven years is a very long time. I couldn't think straight when I found a clue at last."

Grandfather Wang threw the book from his desk on Wang Yu. It hit his shoulders before falling down. He was so angry when he heard Wang Yu answer.

"If you can't even judge a person properly then how will you run the company? How can you make such a silly mistake? What would have happened if you have killed her or ruined her life? Do you think you can live with that guilt?"

Wang Yu did not reply. He continued, "I have already told you several times that I will never stop you if you hurt somebody who harms you. However, I will not accept this. You spoiled your sister and she is in such a state. I am not ready to lose you too. Since this is your first mistake I will go a bit soft on you, don't you dare do something like this again."

Grandfather Wang asked Mrs. Wang to bring the whip. Wang Yu did not say a word and stood straight before him, ready for the punishment. He knew he was at the wrong so he did not object. Mrs. Wang could only obey her father in law. She gave him the whip and left the room. She knew Wang Yu deserved this for his mistake.

Grandfather gave him twenty whiplashes before stopping. He made Wang Yu count every time he hit him.

"Don't ever forget this. Go and take care of her and think about how to compensate her"

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