My Boss Is Scary Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Chapter 57

Not a single sound escaped from Wang Yu's mouth during the punishment. This was the first time he was punished in his life by his grandfather. He thought being punished would make him feel less guilty, but it did not. Wang Yu went to his room. In front of the floor to ceiling mirror, he removed his shirt and checked his back. Welts had formed in the areas where the whip touched his body. It was pink and painful. He quickly changed his clothes and entered the room where Li Zi Yun was sleeping. He sent the maid away and sat in a chair next to the bed, thinking about everything that had happened from the time Li Zi Yun joined as his Personal Secretary.

Wu Qing entered Wang Yu's house at night. The butler was still awake. Since everyone in the Wang family knew about Wu Qing, the butler escorted him upstairs to the guest room. Wang Yu was sitting there deep in thought. When Wang Yu heard footsteps, he turned around to see Wu Qing rushing inside.

Wu Qing found Li Zi Yun sleeping on the bed and Wang Yu sitting there with no reaction on his face. Wu Qing stared at him. Wang Yu signaled the butler to leave. Mrs. Wang entered the room with medicine to soothe Wang Yu's whipping wound.

"What did you do to her? I told you Li Zi Yun would never hurt Wang Yiran intentionally." Wu Qing's voice was no longer soft and gentle like how he spoke usually.

Mrs. Wang interrupted them before Wang Yu answered him. "Let's go out and speak. Don't disturb the poor girl"

Wu Qing walked out and Wang Yu followed him.

"I am taking Li Zi Yun home right now. I will never let her stay near you for one more second" Wu Qing knew a bit about Li Zi Yun suffering from her family. He treated her like his sister and he was affectionate towards her. So he could not bear Wang Yu touching her.

"She is not going anywhere" The guilt was killing him. Wang Yu did not wish to send away Li Zi Yun before she was fully healed.

"Do you think you have the rights to say that when it was you who made her like this?" Wu Qing was controlling his anger.

Mrs. Wang said, "Wu Qing, Wang Yu will do whatever he has to do to make up for his mistake. Let the girl stay here for some more time. Aunty will take care of her very well"

Wang Yu said, "After Li Zi Yun wakes up let her decide. If she wants to leave I won't stop her"

Mrs. Wang asked Wu Qing to stay in their home for the night, as it was already late. However, Wang Yu chased him away. Wang Yu knew that Wu Qing would not let Li Zi Yun stay in his house and would convince her to leave if he stays here.

Wang Yu entered Wang Yiran's room. Wang Yu had ordered the house staff to maintain her room properly even when she is in vegetative state. He rummaged the drawers and found the photo album. There in the pictures he saw Wang Yiran standing with Li Xin Yi. There were several pictures of them together. He left the room taking the photos away with him.

Wang Yu returned to the guest room. Li Zi Yun was sleeping in the same position without moving an inch. He took out the file, which contained information about the Li family. Li Zi Yun and Li Xin Yi were almost of equal height and when they were in high school, there was not much difference in their weight too. He now understood why he misjudged Li Xin Yi as Li Zi Yun. Now the difference was vast. Li Xin Yi's face looked fake and she had done several surgeries in her face but still she was not nothing like Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun was a natural beauty but Li Xin Yi still could not be compared to her.

Wang Yu called Assistant Liu Guang. Liu Guang could not sleep and he was thinking about what would have happened to Li Zi Yun. Therefore, he quickly answered when Wang Yu called him.

"Kidnap Li Xin Yi, Li Zi Yun's step sister and bring her to Wang family residence. Have her blindfolded; she should not who kidnapped her or where she is"

"Okay Boss"

"Ask the HR department to credit the salary for Li Zi Yun. She will receive three times her salary."

"Yes Boss"

Wang Yu hanged up the call when he heard some sound. Li Zi Yun was mumbling in her sleep.

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Li Zi Yun was moving her body in her sleep as if she was uncomfortable. There were rapid eye movements and her breathing became fast, irregular and shallow. In the quiet room, he could hear her heart beat clearly and she was sweating.

Li Zi Yun was having a nightmare where she was sinking deep into the water. Her mother was holding out her hand trying to catch Li Zi Yun. However, Li Zi Yun was falling deeper and deeper. She tried to scream but no one could hear her. She extended her hand hoping someone will save her but she was deep inside the water and water was entering her mouth and nose making it difficult for her to breathe.

When Wang Yu looked closely at Li Zi Yun's face, a tear flowed down from Li Zi Yun's closed eyes. She was mumbling something inaudible. He took Li Zi Yun's hands in his and waited for her to cal down and sleep. He held her hands until she relaxed and then he let go her hands.

This was the moment when Wang Yu truly regretted torturing her. He very well knew how much emotionally she would be affected by what he did. He had tortured her physically and she had endured it a lot but when he saw her having nightmares he regretted playing with her weakness.

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