My Boss Is Scary Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Chapter 58

Wang Yu woke up and winced in pain. He had slept in the chair next to Li Zi Yun in an uncomfortable position and the whipping he received yesterday hurt a lot when he leaned back. He looked up; Li Zi Yun was sleeping there peacefully. Though he was tired, he woke early at the time he woke up usually. Wang Yu did not leave to office. Since he had asked Assistant Liu Guang to bring Li Xin Yi, he thought of waiting until Liu Guang brings her. He wanted to interrogate Li Xin Yi and get over with it.

Li Shu Chen could not sleep the before night thinking about his losses. His company had incurred huge losses and he did not have any funds to invest in reconstructing the damaged factories. He had received huge loans and invested huge amount to build the new factories and buy new machineries. Li Shu Chen invested so much in these and had high hopes in these new machineries. His Li Food company had also introduced new products in the market. The products were huge success when they hit the markets. The new products were all produced in the new factory using the latest machineries and the finished products had all been stored in the warehouse next to the factory. In the blast, the warehouse was also completely destroyed along with the factory leaving nothing for sale. When the new product became a success, he had been dreaming of all the profits he would gain. The blast in the factory was something he did not expect and three of his factories were ruined in a single day.

The competitive companies had already been trying to compete with Li Food Company to release similar products. Now with the fall of Li Food Company the other food product companies were trying to gain the upper hand in the market by introducing similar products. Now Li Shu Chen was not sure his product would be as famous as it was earlier when they produce again. It would take many years for him to regain what his company had lost. After trying many ways, he thought of trying to convince Li Zi Yun to help him. His loans had piled up and no bank was ready to give him loans.

Li Shu Chen had sent men to kidnap his daughter Li Zi Yun and he even went straight to her house to threaten her. Still he felt it was Li Zi Yun's duty to help him in his time of need. He was not ashamed of reaching out to his daughter only when he needed something. He had tried calling her last night but her phone was not reachable. Li Shu Chen thought Li Zi Yun must have blocked his number. Therefore, he tried calling her from other numbers but he could not reach her.

Chan Sheng's Chan family was now having doubts about letting their son marry Li Xin Yi from the Li family. Even when there were rumors that Li Xin Yi was the illegitimate child of Li family they had agreed to the wedding only because Li family was investing in their company. However, with the Li family in huge loss the Chan family was not certain that the Li family would help in their new venture. They were still thinking about the other options. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Shu Chen had earlier planned a huge party during the weekend to announce officially the engagement of Li Xin Yi and Chan Sheng. The Chan family was not giving a proper response for this and Li Xin Yi was getting nervous. She loved Chan Sheng and was not ready to let him go because of the business crisis. Initially she had gotten into a marriage alliance with Chan Sheng only because Li Zi Yun liked him, but now she loved him truly. Li Xin Yi got ready in the morning to visit the Chan family. She dressed up well and left the house with gifts to bribe the Chan family.

Li Xin Yi drove for some distance. Suddenly she felt nauseous and dizzy. She stopped the car by the side of the road and got down for fresh air. Two men approached her to ask if she was alright. She blacked out after a few moments. The two men carried her into the car and the car was headed in the direction of Wang Family residence. Just like their boss ordered them, they blindfolded the girl and tied her hands and legs so that she does not resist or runaway when she wakes up. They took her secretly to the dungeon where Wang Yu had asked them to bring her.

Wang Yu peaked into Li Zi Yun's room before leaving for breakfast. She was still sleeping. So he asked the maid to wait on her and provide her with breakfast if she wakes up before he returns. Only in the morning, Mr. Wang and Wang Yu's grandmother came to know about last night's commotion in the house. They were seated for breakfast when Wang Yu came down. They wanted to ask him questions but refrained themselves and thought of waiting until he had his breakfast.

Wang Yu greeted them and sat down. Just before he started eating, he got a call from Assistant Liu Guang.

"Boss, Li Xin Yi is in the dungeon"

Wang Yu left the table without having a bite. He wanted to put an end to this today.

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