My Boss Is Scary Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Chapter 59

Wang Yu calmly walked down to the dungeon. It had been some time since he came here the last time. The underground dungeon was cold and dark. It gave chills to everybody who had been brought to this place. Since the dungeon was originally built along with the house when it was constructed before more than a century, the place looked scary. There were totally five individual rooms just for holding people as prisoners. Being more than a century old, the underground cells were damp and it was difficult to stay in the cells for long time. Originally, Wang Yu had planned to bring Li Zi Yun here for questioning, but then he had changed his mind. Wang Yu was happy he did not bring her here. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Liu Guang was the man known to the public as Wang Yu's assistant. Zhou Nan Xi was the man who worked closely to Wang Yu behind the scenes. Liu Guang dealt with everything that was legal while Zhou Nan Xi was an expert in dealing with issues that were not easily solvable. Zhou Nan Xi was the one who had planned and brought Li Xin Yi to the house discreetly.

Wang Yu entered the room along with Zhou Nan Xi where Li Xin Yi was tied to a chair. He signaled his men not to remove the blindfold. Li Xin Yi was unconscious with her head leaning back against the chair. He asked his men to bring a bucket of hot water and cold water. Zhou Nan Xi was about to wake her up but Wang Yu stopped him.

Wang Yu ordered him to pour the cold water over her head. The cold water completely drenched Li Xin Yi and she woke up with a scream. She tried to move but she could not. She could feel the restraints tying her to the chair. The temperature in the dungeon was low and cold, the cold water made her shiver.

Li Xin Yi started yelling, "How dare you kidnap the eldest miss of Li family. I will not leave you alone. If you want to live let me go right now"

Wang Yu chuckled. Zhou Nan Xi asked her, "Was the water too cold?"

"Are you dumb? Let me go" Li Xin Yi was screaming at the top of her voice.

"Since its cold, take this"

Zhou Nan Xi poured the hot water over her. Li Xin Yi yelled in pain. She was struggling against her restraints trying to free herself but it was of no use. She had no idea who kidnapped her. Pouring cold water and hot water in quick succession caused her skin irritation.

"Who are you? What do you want? My father will give you how much ever money you need. Please leave me" Li Xin Yi was a person who thought money was a solution to everything, so she wanted to escape the situation using money.

"Really? How much will you give me?" Wang Yu was sitting there quietly when Zhou Nan Xi spoke to Li Xin Yi.

"A million dollar" Li Xin Yi did not hesitate to reply. She wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

"So you're worth only a million dollar?" Wang Yu asked her mockingly.

"Tell me how much you need" Though hot water was poured over her, the low temperature in the dungeon made her shiver. She wanted to leave this place.

"What is your worth in money?" the cold voice reached Li Xin Yi's ears. She thought that there were two people other than her in the room who were holding her captive.

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