My Boss Is Scary Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter 6 Welcome to hell

The facilities in the fiftieth floor were top-notch and since very few people work in the fiftieth floor, she could see herself enjoying her time here. Little did she know about what was in store for her.

Yi Yao and Luo Zhi were Liu Guang's two assistant who will now be under Li Zi Yun. They gave her a tour of the office and she got herself familiarized.

When she came back to her desk Liu Guang was waiting for her and gave her a set of files. He also gave her the first task of getting the documents ready for bidding for a new company.

Before leaving he told her, "Miss Zi Yun, since you have accepted this position get ready to work late nights and also you have to be at the CEO's beck and call no matter the time."

Li Zi Yun did not put much thought into it. She was not a person who used to party much or go out often. Even if she goes home she only stayed home and went out only if Chu Yan or Li Shu or her other friends dragged her out.

So she nodded her head agreeing to the condition.

He continued, "You may also be required to come in at weekends" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'Weekends? What the hell!'

'That was her time specifically assigned for eating and sleeping!'

"Is it really necessary?" this was the only question she could ask him even though she did not want to come to office on weekends.

"Usually weekends are free but if necessary you have to come in"

She nodded her head again knowing that she had no choice but to agree.

He told her to get the contract ready for bidding and left. Yi Yao and Luo Zhi were confused as they had never worked late nights nor have they worked on weekends nor were they told about this condition. They hoped it was a precautionary instruction given specifically only to Li Zi Yun.

Zi Yun started her work right away. She looked at the technical situation and development of the company in recent years of the company they were bidding and started preparing the contract.

She left her desk only when it was time for lunch and Meng Sen Xi joined her in the lunch hall to eat.

He laughed, "Li Zi Yun, you look tired within 3 hours of taking the new position."

"No, I am not tired"

"Then do you look worried?"

"I am not worried either just thinking about work"

"Eat properly and then you can think about work" saying so Meng Sen Xi pushed the spoon and chop sticks into her hand.

She had barely eaten a mouth when she got a call from CEO's office inquiring where she was.

She had left her desk only after getting permission to leave for lunch and CEO Wang was also having his lunch and the assistants had also left to have lunch.

She told Assistant Liu Guang that she was having lunch. After a moment she heard CEO Wang Yu's clear voice "Complete the contract before 5pm".

"Huh?" 'He must be joking right?'

CEO Wang Yu spoke again, "Am I clear?"

She muttered, "Yes sir" and the call cut off.

Meng Sen Xi looked at her and said in a sarcastic tone, "Don't tell me our CEO Wang misses you and he couldn't bear parting away from you even for 5 minutes"

"Yes he couldn't, that is why he won't allow me to even eat in peace" she got up disappointed that she has to miss lunch and knowing that she had very less time to complete the work.

Meng Sen Xi stopped her, "in these ten minutes anyway you cannot achieve much, so better have your lunch and then continue your work"

"No have lots to do, I think I have to skip my lunch"

He held her wrist," Eat before you leave"

"Are you concerned about me, Sen Xi?" she looked at him.

"Yes, so eat".

'Ok I can compensate this ten minutes by not taking a break'. She ate her food quickly and left hurriedly.

In CEO's office Assistant Liu Guang asked Wang Yu, "Boss isn't there a months' time before bidding, is it necessary for Secretary LI Zi Yun to complete it today?"

The only reply he got was a stare. He did not wish to share the same space as him any longer.

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